Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Proposal

It is just another day,normal people going about their normal lives,rushing to their mundane tasks at everyday workplaces.I am just another passenger in this sea of humanity,milling around in the town square,going someplace I dont even remember now,blissfully unaware of the rollercoaster ride I am about to be thrown on!
  "I am telling the world..that I found a girl,...." Taio cruz's soft voice filled the area."Telling the world" is playing on the speakers!The crowd takes a moments reprieve,looking around,before dismissing it as another petty act of romanticism,the likes of which are the "it"-thing this summer,as they went towards important and mundane tasks.But not me!I am rooted to the spot,as joy and anticipation and surprise and a million other feelings course through my veins,intoxicating me!This could'nt be happening,right?Only yesterday I had told him about how I absolutely love this song!Has he finally come around?Will he finally accept and tell the world,has he finally fallen for me?!God!My heart can't believe it,my eyes are searching for him-my boy,my love,as my inner conscience does a complex series of backflips and somersaults,all the while hooting with joy!
 We grew up together-and it's been ages since I asked him for a pencil,in primary school!It's been amazing ,all these years-He means the world to me,He is everything to me:best friend,philosopher,2-am-listener to all my rants,my plus-one when the jock who was supposed to be my date suddenly cancels,my soul-buddy:the only one who understands,and to some extent,shares my eclectic tastes in any and everything!He has always been the shy smarty,and I have always been the vivacious queen bee socialista;I dont know how we managed to find each other in our crazy different worlds;but we did,and we held on tight,despite all ups-and-downs,I am always going to be oh so glad about it!
 My reverie is broken by a collective sigh and a soft murmur of "awwh" as as people look at the man on his knee,taking out a ring.A brick drops down my stomach as I see the petite blonde he is wooing,and I am numb for a few moments.In that moment,I realize that it is some other couple,some other lucky lady getting her dream proposal!A bitter aftertaste of dead hopes,burst bubbles and sheer disappointment is what propels me into auto-pilot as I hurry away,fighting tears threatening to spill over,any moment now!
 "hey hey hey" that all-too-familiar voice calls me from the crowd,and I am forced to stop in my tracks.I knew he was supposed to meet me today,which got my hopes up all the more,I muse as he makes his way through the crowd towards me.Wait.I can't see him like this:all teary eyed and disappointed!I can't even run away,now that he has seen me!Should I try and use up my 60 seconds of courage?My heart thumps frantically,threatening to fall out of my ribcage!Should I just tell him that I love him?That I have always loved HIM and not the jocks I dated?Or is it too late?With all the apprehensions and negativity and a teeny tiny piece of hope,I turn around and fake a smile.
"Don't fake that smile.Whats wrong?"
"Nothing.Look at you,you look like you swallowed something nasty,whats the matter?"I scowl at him.It's funny to watch him like that:gone is the usual calm,the cool demeanor!God!He looks adorable even when he is all nervous and weird and confusing!I start to say something but am rudely interrupted-Wait shoosh..whatever you were saying,just hold it for a minute.This is my 6 seconds of courage:let me get this done before I run outta em,okay?
*deep breath*
*A deeper breath from my end as I say:"yes...?"*
"Iloveyou.I love you and I have always loved you,and you are the only one who completes me,and I wanted to say a million other things to you about it but I can't think of anything right now and will you be mine please?"
In one single huff of breath,he blurts out these words which will change my life forever,the ones I was desperate to hear,and I am lost in sweet ecstacy!I nod,not even having the patience to say YES,as we kiss,all passion and teary eyes and crazy love!OH what a heady feeling:our forever has just begun!
After what seems like an eternity,we finally break apart,out of breath,the happiest people on planet earth!"Well,where's my ring eh?"I tease,with tears of joy."I dunno how I even got this sudden crazy courage!I saw that guy bending down there,and I felt I couldn't wait any longer.Don't worry I'll get you any ring you want!"He exclaims!
I know it was not the proposal I had dreamed of,nor the uber-romantic gesture one normally associates with the act!But for me,it was the prologue to my very own fantasy,a dream-come-alive,and when he said it,anything would've sufficed,and even shakespeare would've sounded dull infront of those words!Those 60 seconds of courage gave me the happiest days of my life!
I dont know who that couple was,but i will always thank them for if it wasn't for them,I dont know whether he wouldve ever summoned up the courage to take the first step!That is how my stupid smart boy became my paramour,my forever and always!
Tried my hand at a short story,hope you peepz like it!Comments and criticisms welcome,as always,and this is my first attempt in this genre,so don't laugh at the silly nature of it all!
All character here are fictional,and any resemblance is purely coincidential;)
P.S:Its Ganeshotsav time here,in Mumbai, may my bappa bless us all.
      Ganpati bappa morya! 

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