Sunday, 9 August 2015


I write after ages,not because I haven’t had the urge or intention to do so,but because I couldn’t summon the energy to do so,after busy days that eventually ended in me falling straight in bed,only to wake up to face another,busier day!
Right now, I try to lure my mind into the much eluded state of relaxation that it so *whats-the-word* needs, (yeah,that would happen,its 2 am in the morning,and I have had a bad Sunday. Pardon me for forgetting words,and also for being a little rusty.) ,with the help of some beautiful music:MTV unplugged, Coldplay, Sinatra, Opeth,and what have you!
If this were a life update,I would tell you all about how life has become busier than ever,ever since I was elected as the Marketing Head for our college festival, and how I didn’t get the time to even enjoy that feeling of completing one half of my engineering course successfully,with a pointer that I can manage to call “respectable”. This is not a life update though,so you will have to wait for another one of these for that.Now,before you get bored and move on to another website,let me begin with the thought that led me to write this,in the first place!
So,it all began with a text message.(“So very cliche”, you would say, to which I’d reply with a humble “Bear with me!”). I received a text message from a person who no longer is a part of my life,due to unforeseen circumstances,but was once my best friend!Speaking of best friends,I call myself lucky to have more than a handful of those:each very uniquely special in their own way,each holding a unique place in my heart.Even if this is the case,I am guilty of wondering about the existence of said best friends.(No,don’t get me wrong.I would never doubt the love)Life is funny.It puts you with like minded people,who then gradually make it in,from the outer circle of mere acquaintances, to the inner,more personal circle of “close friends”.These close friends then occupy an important place in our lives,sharing secrets,knowing ours,making fun,helping and demanding help,and creating a place for themselves on our desks,in our homes,hearts,bills and social media updates!Just when everything is hunky-dory though,life intervenes,and we are forced to go our separate ways:career choices differ,colleges vary,classes change,parents move,offices shift!
The people you once called your best friends now linger on the edges of your life,becoming nothing but lovely people you share memories and awkward,limited conversations with.They find new friends,you find another circle of acquaintances to gather into your fold,and life,as they always say, GOES ON!Only to repeat the same vicious cycle again,a year or two later,when you are at the crossroads,yet again!All this makes me wonder if friendship is just another illusion that Time creates.You spend all your time in college with that girl you met in class during orientation.On convocation day,you both are patchwork souls,reflections of each other,their traits unknowingly slipping into your personality and vice versa, sobbing into their arms because you are going to miss your “best friend”. Surprisingly though,two years later,when you run into them at the supermarket or a theater,you summon all the joy you can,and ask your group of friends to excuse you for a moment,while they awkwardly do the same,only to exchange awkward one armed hugs and pleasantries!
This bitter truth doesn’t seem to apply to a certain class of goofballs though,the ones I can call my “best friends” with a nonchalant,assured air about the whole thing!This post is to applaud,thank,love appreciate and *add another bunch of adjectives here* all those who still are,and always will be those hooligans with whom you really can be yourselves,devoid of airs of civility,and manners and all those norms of behavior in public!They say that one meets a lot of temporary people during ages 16 to 22.I aim to prove this wrong,because I have been blessed with some lovely lovely people during these years!This is the only reason why some of my friends receive random texts saying “boom” or “bhrr” at odd unexpected moments,after intervals of silence that sometimes span months!I am busy,but I want to stick around in their life,and have them around in mine!If you are reading this,and you are one of those special people who have the privilege of being annoyed/overwhelmed by my random conversations-those efforts to hold on,to keep being “us”;let me assure you,that you are part of my cozy little inner circle,and that I plan to keep you in there forever!
Now that the sentiments have crept in,and I have already risked sounding all sloppy,let me take it a step further and give you a teensy dose of philosophy:You all must be having these goofballs in your life too!The ones who would still greet you with a swear word,even if they are no longer supposed to be the little rogues that they once were;the ones that would still try and spoil your chances when luck favors you;the ones who would still claim your food,and call dibs on the cute ones when you very clearly saw them first,even after you meet them after ages.Keep them,I tell you.Keep them close,cherish them!They are the ones you would one day compare old-people woes with!So,if you haven’t spoken in a while,because life intervened,pick up your phones,and drop in a wacky text!Re-connect,re-kindle the friendship,because life is too beautiful to let go of such awesomesauce stuff!
P.S:Thank you,for reading this all the way till the end!I keep telling myself that I would post here regularly,and keep forgetting!I’ll try doing weekly updates though.Tag your goofballs in this post to tell ’em you want ’em around,forever and always!Also,the title doesn’t really match the content,but then again,I’m not exactly writing an issue essay,so I think that that’s okay!
Have a great day!Cheers!

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Ye nayi league kya hain???

As  I was surfing the World Wide Net in search of amusing stuff, which is pretty much the natural state of being, of almost every student on preparatory leave,  I came across this site:
The videos of kapil Dev standing in front of the camera and talking into it appealed to the eye, and got me wondering what this “nayi league” was all about! Kya hain yeh nayi league??!!! With the Indian Premier League going on, league almost always bring to you an instant image of a cricket field. So my first presumption was that this might be a new addition to the cricket tournaments that keep happening in India. Kapil being a great cricketing personality, this seemed legit enough. Only till I saw the videos.
The first video I saw showed Kapil sir addressing Dhoni, advising him not to retire, and sharing anecdotes from his own professional life. The video ended with him inviting dhoni over, to play his “nayi league”, and even challenging him that it will be a hit wicket or a googly! Next came the video where he talked about Saniya, and then about sports and money in general. The last, and the most amusing one, was where he addressed “bittu”, which, I presume, is comedian kapil Sharma, and asking him to play the league, repeating the “hit wicket” tagline yet again.
After shrouding the entire concept in a sufficient amount of mystery, kapil sir invites us to follow him on twitter where he will reveal the concept of his “nayi league”. Prizes are promised for the best guesses, and so I decided to go give it a try. (ofcourse, who would NOT want prizes worth rupees 1 lakh, AND a chance to interact with the legend himself?)Even you could give it a try, and send in your guesses at the above mentioned website. Best luckJ
I presume, from the involvement of sports, Dhoni, Saniya and kapil: which is basically almost half the entertainment in our nation: TV and cricket, that this might be a reality show with a funny twist to it. This would explain Kapil Sharma’s mention in the videos. I had earlier thought that the show might involve cricketeers playing along, because of the obvious Dhoni reference, and because of Kapil Dev’s presence. That analysis however was off the mark, I feel, as he mentions Saniya as well. So basically this new league might be a reality show where sportspersons participate (or maybe even judge, although that wouldn’t be my first guess), in fun filled activities (which honestly could range anywhere between quizzes to wacky games, or worse) to earn cash prizes.
I hope this turns out to be the right answer, so that I can bask in the glory of my superb deduction capabilities!
Thanks for reading, keep guessing!
Loads of love and good vibes :)

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The Zenfone 2:Drools

 ASUS ZenFone 2 is world’s 1st smartphone with 4 GB RAM. The device supports ASUS-exclusive technology that charges devices much faster than traditional speeds. With ZenFone 2, this means your battery is juiced up to 60% in no more than 39 minutes. See what others can’t see with the ASUS Zenfone 2 PixelMaster camera that captures stunning, high-resolution photos with zero shutter lag. The industry-leading Low Light mode employs pixel-merging technology to capture up to 400% brighter photos at night, or in low-light scenes, without the need for a flash. Building on the success of ZenFone and leveraging a quarter-century of engineering accomplishments, the highly-anticipated ZenFone 2 provides a wealth of exciting new features and a refined ASUS ZenUI experience to deliver a new level of empowering luxury to everyone.
I saw this advertisement,and all my "smartphone fantasies"( which I generally push way back,to the back of my mind), came surging up,as I drool on this new bundle of joy!A friend of mine had a ZenFone once,and damn! that phone was so amazing!It got stolen at a railway station though!She says she is going to get her hands on the zenfone 2 as soon as it launches!"why all the furore? :/" I asked myself,and decided to do a bit of research on my own!Turns out,Asus have created a masterpiece with the new ZenFone 2!
here's five reasons why asus zenfone 2 is so droolworthy:
1.For one,For All!
This is the ultimate phone,for everyone:from techies to blondes (no offence meant either way), it caters to everybody's needs!The techie will drool at its 4 GB ram,and other cool specifications,and the selfie-addicts can't wait to go-a-clicking,with its superb pixel master 13 MP rear camera and 5MP front camera.For gamers,it has unique features for an optimized experience.For the nerds,its superb display will make you want to make it a part of their studies and research!

2.The Camera!
The Camera!Mind you,the camera!With features like FixFocus,WideView and PixelMaster, the camera will surely make heads turn and jaws drop.The unique low lighting feature makes it all the more desirable.It makes the ZenFone 2 the perfect partner to capture all your precious moments!

3.The Design.
The first time I saw the ZenFone 2,I went all "Mamma miaaaa" at it!Oh the gorgeous design!Sleek and slim,it fits into your palm almost perfectly!This 5.5 inch smartphone just LOOKS so amazing you would buy it for the looks alone,and then count yourself lucky,because it has amazing features as well!Along with the traditional multi colored back panels,asus invites us to "celebrate our uniqueness" with the "Illusion series" and the "Transfusion Series" which are a delight to behold!

4.The Battery!
This might not be a crucial point for many,but to me,the amount of battery back-up a phone offers decides its value,as I'm constantly peeking into my smartphone,for one thing or the other!Zen promises that this phone has a battery that will juice up to 69% in just a matter of minutes.This will solve all my battery problems!No more reducing brightness,or switching off data to conserve battery!

5.The Specs!
The specs are so droolworthy I wouldnt even consider waiting for reviews!If I could buy a smartphone right now,I would surely go for the ZenFone 2,without a doubt!(Mom,Dad, are you listening?? get me a zenfone prettyyyy please with a cherry on top?)
For more drools, check out:
Its been ages since I posted here.For all of you who dont know this,
I shifted domains.Read my poems at
I was thinking of shifting Expressions to in all its entirety,but I cant bring myself to let go of this one as well.
Thinking about keeping both,and making each unique in a way or the other!
Thanks for reading..much love:)

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Will You Shave?

This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette
I was tagged by my friend tennyson to blog about this contest that was happening at blogadda.
At first,I thought,"what say will I have in a contest that apparently seems to be designed for men only?"
To that question of mine,BlogAdda had an answer in the form of these lines:
Ladies, you have a say in this too! Write a blog post about the men in your life on the following themes.
  • An instance when a stubble came in the way of a man’s chance to make a good impression.
  • An instance when a well groomed look ensured that they struck gold on an opportunity given to them.
So,I racked my brains,trying to think of an incident or two,where a clean-shaved look benefitted a man better than any hot stubble would.Needless to say,yes,I am a stubble person.(It only suits some people,but oh!When it does!)
Not getting entrapped into any further distractions,let’s go back to the topic:Of clean-shaved men,and the golden opportunities they land because of their highly sophisticated looks and neat attire!
As you all probably know very well,I am quite the extrovert.Needless to say,I have friends in all the places one can think of!(Exaggeration;but not quite!woot woot).So it is an obvious fact that I am friends with seniors from college.Engineering colleges are reknowned for their placement seasons.I know a lot of seniors who are dear buds of mine,and who sport beards and moustaches as proudly as a grizzly bear would carry off his mane!But,come placement season,all the beards are gone,and you can witness these junglee’s come back to humankind!Gone is the bearded scrawny,shaggy look of rebellion that four years of hard work forces them to adopt1Instead,they now turn into well-groomed,sophisticated,civilized MEN who are ready to earn their bread and make a name for themselves in the big bad world!
It’s funny how a small thing like shaving can make such a huge difference in one’s perception of another human being,but nevertheless,it does.And,I should probably not forget to mention this:but all of them land jobs-good ones,at that!So,kudos to shaving.Cheers,Gillette!
I further tag yash shah and shreyank joshi to carry forward this challenge.Don’t forget to mention me as the kid who nominated you,guys.
To the rest of you lovely people,thanks for reading.Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

1989 A Review

I know,I know,Its way too late for an album review,considering this one is one heck of a success all over the globe,and one of my personal favorites of all time.I’ve been meaning to write this one for a while,but,well,when you have exams,no other excuse is needed!So,today,I figured out,I might as well write it today,on her 25th birthday.(Yes.Its still her birthday in some parts of the world;At the time of writing;so,what if I missed the 13th?Its 13december right now,somewhere,isnt it?) So,enough blabbering,let me get down to business now:Here’s what I thought of the songs on 1989.

Blank Space

Undeniably the best one on this album,this one has killer lyrics!Simple,yet,amazing.Like,”Darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream!”Who thinks of it that way eh?!Pretty.Even though Taylor has made a complete transition from Country to Pop,with 1989,this one still reminds me of the Classic Taylor Swift,with a hint of swag in it!The music,ofcourse,is catchy and the track gets you humming it along with her in no time.No wonder its at the top of all the charts!

I know Places

The beginning reminds me of Lorde,and the song feels like something a happy Lorde would do!(Ladder song is something a gloomy Lorde would do.Love that one,but I had to give the example,for comparison.)Again,her voice,adapts so well to the genre,and,again,the lyrics stand out.With a Taylor Swift song,they always do,and there’s always a line or two you would never ever forgst,so that’s a given.


Relatable as ever,Taylor tells the story of a girl recovering from a relationship gone sour.Some will say,typical Taylor.Agreed.It is in league with Begin Again,and The Last Time.The background music is soothing,and just the right pitch,which lets the vocals work their magic,and it leaves an impression.(You’d say,”thats what the background score is supposed to do,isn’t it?”,but this one blends in so well,that I had to take the risk of sounding stupid to mention it.)

Bad Blood.

Bad Blood.Well,I can’t say I love it,but,what’s not to like?Taylor seems like one of the many songstresses who sing clichéd teenage emotions to amazing beats.”Bandaids don’t fix bullet-holes”-An example of the way the lyrics are pretty obvious,but profound at the same time.Like I said,teenage emotions!


The music is something which would have you dancing,or atleast nodding heads and tapping feet in tune with the rhythm.Never goes out of style.

Welcome To New York

Given her recent move from Nashville to New York,this one sounds more personal to me,than a mere portrayal of some strong universal emotion.(Well,as far as taylors songs go,it’s all personal,but it never ceases to be relatable does it?)Loved the beats.

How You Get The Girl

Again,music with an upbeat tempo.The way she has sung it reminds me of some of her other songs.The lyrics,again,are something guys all over the world should pay attention to!

Shake It Off!

What can I say about this one?Everytime I hear,and sing along to,this song,I’m amazed at the change in her,from the Love Story and Mine days!No wonder it’s a chartbuster.


I am partial to this song,just as I’m to Blank Space,and This Love,and You are in Love!It has everything:The vocal variations,the story,the pretty lyrics,and the proper beats. A perfect Pop song,it reminds us of avril,and katy,and even ri-ri and selena at times,but has that signature Taylor Swift feelings to it!Loved.It.
Especially,the last para of the song,which has it all.Also,I love the way she finishes off the “Wonderlaaaand” in the end.

You Are In Love

If you are,or if you think you might be,then this one is the song for you!Taylor has made a masterpiece in this one!It’s so adorable,that I actually drop my critic-facade for a moment to fangirl and go all teary-eyed on the song.The way it builds up,from the first seconds,to the very end,is perfect.Many a girl would have this one on an infinite loop on her phone!

New Romantics

Ir brings out the fun,rebellious side of Taylor we earlier saw in 22.This one reminds me of Britney,or Katy Perry,with the upbeat tempo.And wjen Taylor says “Heartbreak is the national anthem”,we know we’ll sing it along,no matter what.The slow manner in which she pleads to be taken dancing and left stranded there,is a nice flourish.

Wildest Dreams.

Wildest dreams,is a treasure if one values a good storyline.and Taylors voice!”Say you’ll remember me…’
This Love,Clean
I can be prejudiced,and This Love is my personal favorite!Those hauntingly beautiful lyrics,that tempo,and that voice!Perfect combination!I could say the same for Clean,and rant about how relatable it was,a few months ago,but I’d be letting on more than I should,so,wink wink.It suffices to say that these two,along with Blank Space and Wonderland,are the best!
Stay,Out of the Woods
These are the post transition songs,all beats and rhythms and foot tappings!
So,yeah,believe it or not,I finally got through describing all of the songs on the album!Phewwww!You didnt think I’d go all the way,did you?Even I didnt.Track by Track analysis is nobody’s style,but then,you are reading a fangirl’s evaluation,not a critic’s,so you might even be thinking that this was supposed to be more extreme than it already is,if you have had the Ultimate Fangirls Experience.(Mediocre,I know,but,who’s judging?Peace!)
In my opinion,Taylor has grown up,really grown up(Not just physically,ofcourse,duh.)over the course of Red,and that shows,in 1989!From the lovestruck teenager in the last decade,she has transformed into this chic 25 year old woman with an amazing attitude towards it all.When that is portrayed into the songs,like it always is,in her case,it provides this huge amount of inspiration,for the millions of impressionable viewers and listeners all across the world who absolutely adore her,and look up to her.And,Taylor never dissappoints!Promotional tactics aside,she’s this sweet li’l thing to all her fans,and she does it without any obligation to do so!Its a simple thing to be good to everyone,but it has become all the more precious because so very few do it!Thanks Taylor,for that amazing voice,for the songs that had me relating to every word of ‘em,for the ones that got me through certain phases and the others that ruled my heart during certain other phases(You get the picture.)!God bless,Keep Singing.
Now,for my precious readers,who went through this entire monologue without any complaints(hope you did;))-Thanks.Heartfelt Thanks!Its been ages since I’ve written anything substantial,and this was the first article I’ve even given a thought to,in weeks.Reason:Examinations:(
I need to keep writing though,it feels odd if I dont.And it’s all of you that keep me going,with the feedback,the responses and ths comments!Keep ‘em coming.Blessed to have you all:)
God bless.Happy December!
P.s:Did I mention that I love Taylor Swift?!Hahaha,don’t worry,I’m not getting started again!Cheers:)

Saturday, 29 November 2014

In Memoriam!

This post is my entry for 'My College Diary' contest held by travel blog My Yatra Diary in collaboration with
College:Its been three years since I joined this institution of teenage aspirations,which has seen it all:loads of lives made,millions of hearts bound together,forever,a million others broken!My course gives me the great advantage of staying in college for six years(Two junior college years included.)It's just been three years,but it feels like a lifetime ago,when I first stepped foot on the threshold of junior college!Now,at the risk of sounding cliché,and the hopeless romantic that I am,I would say that college is a place one won't mind staying in,forever!(Academic repurcussions aside,ofcourse.)So,when I came across this contest on,I decided to give it a go.
As you would've correctly guessed,or know,if you know me,my college life has been a riot!Of fun,of happy memories,of color and emotions,and of priceless people!Its been a glorious three years,and the best is yet to come.And like my favorite protagonist of all-time,Mr.Gus Waters says,"It's a roller coaster ride that only goes up,my friend!"College life,has been,this incredible journey,which is so difficult to put up in words a second time.(Yeah,let me explain that:I'd penned down this beautiful little article,2000+ words only,and it was all ready to be published,complete with images and links,when this glitch occured in my WordPress app,and deleted it all!So,writing this through a haze of tears,and hoping against hope this one turns up as good as the original one!)
As I sit down to pen this one down,for the first time in forever,I am at a loss for words!Where to begin?!!Should I begin from the first day of junior college,when no one knew anyone else?Or should I just begin at the day I left junior college,with 500 new people in my life?Some of these 500 have now become an irrepleceable part of life as I know it now.It's amazing how college gives one the opportunity to know all these people:acquaintances,friends,and more:and with every person comes a treasure trove of memories!Come engineering college,the deal had changed.I knew most of the people already,courtesy coaching classes,and junior college,and the seniors at Atharva are so amazing,they just take you in as their own,no kidding!So,after a million bunks,thousands of hangouts,and a gazillion different memories,(okay,yes.I'm speaking in hyperbole here,but then dont we all have that special place in our heart reserved for such goofyness?),when I finally get around to actually writing about it,here are the things that come to mind right now:
1.Adu's bappa:
Adu is the guy whose place has almost become a regular rendezvous spot for all of us.Every year,the entire group gets together during Ganpati's,no excuses accepted,and it's like old times all over again!Can't thank adu enough for keeping the group together like he has!It's like we never went our seperate ways!And its so amazing to be with the same old people who were there from the beginning,before everyone left junior college and got their own careers!You can see,not a thing has changed,since the first time we went to adu's,back in 2011,I guess,and this years pictures!:")

2.The bunks,The acting,The excuses:
I have a knack of turning up late for class(atleast the one's I attended)and then coming up with the most innovative excuses ever thought of!The look on everyone's face when the teachers buys the excuse,is priceless!I remember telling a professor once that my bus had accidentally swerved into a Swift,and the row that ensued was the reason I was late!He bought it.But no one else believed me:(*poker face*The seniors are also saviours in disguise,as you can rely upon them to come and extricate you out of a particularly boring class for some "work",which never tends to get over before the lecture does!This helps a lot when there are no ongoing festivals in college,which,in itself is a rare occurence!There's this especially memorable incident when kranti rescued me from a lecture by telling the prof that she was my cousin and the keys to her place were at mine,and so,we both had to go,pronto!Since then,along with bff's and soul sisters and whatnots,we are cousins as well!>_
3.The food.
I am ever so grateful about how my body remains in purrfect shape even after I eat like a horse,all the time!The Gods Are Good!And food tastes all the way better when you are not supposed to be eating it,like at three a.m in the morning,or with friends,bunking lectures!Especially when its chocolates,or chicken,or all things "unhealthy!"

4.The crushes!
The numerous crushes,infatuations,some heartbreaks,the happy times!There's two and a half years to go,and these could fill an entire storybook!All the staring,the getting addicted to people,pestering my guy friends about the current concern,botherinh girl friends about how "adorable" he is,in the middle of the night,the numerous conversations,those tears:of joy and pain alike,the disappointments,and the expectations!Giving gyaan to infatuated girl friends,and yhen arguing that the same logic doesng apply to me when my sappy li'l head is lolling side to side,drooling over mr.CurrentCrush!-Oh to be young and in love!It sometimes feels like heaven,and hurts as hell sometimes,but looking back,I know these are going to be some of the best memories of college life!
5.The festivals!
My college is a place where there are festivals happening,almost 90% of the time!Oh,the fun we've had in all of those!Plus,there are memories of countless other festivals:AutoExpos,ComicCons,Debates,all of the KGAF's we've been to!College life is a never ending fun fair!Speaking of,how can I forget to mention the Atharvacha Raja here? Atharvacha Raja.Read about it in my article, for it seriously is awesomesauce!Also,festivals reminds me of my latest visit to Mt.Mary's,durng the funfair.Khush made me ride this humongous giant wheel,and I'd never been more afraid!The rickety caskets almost got me,and you can see how I'm holding on for dear life as the guys all laugh at me.Yess!I'm afraid of rickety giant wheels.I'm a kid.accepted.Now dont scoff!

5.The books,The Movies,The music,and more!
I always have a paperback in my rucksack.Always.Call me a bookworm,or whatever,but Reading has been an integral part of life around campus.And my lovelies know that,what with all the amazing books they've gifted me over the years!(lovelies includes Daddy dearest,by the way,who gifted me the entire Game Of Thrones boxset,this ThanksGiving!Christmas has arrived early this year:)))),and,my dad is a superhero!*_*)

All the movies we've watched:some brilliant ones,some crazy ones which could be sat through only because of the fabulous
company I had,and a few ugly incidents of me rushing the fabulous company out,because we couldnt take it anymore!(Ughh.Grand Masti Debacle:we left after interval!),and the sitcoms and series I've gotten addicted to:I would be 70 and still be watching re-runs of That 70's Show and HIMYM and F.R.I.E.N.D.S,and remenisce about the good old college days when I first saw em!Also,the amount of music one listens to rises exponentially during college!Huge Thanks to all the artists yonder in the west,and a few fabulous ones closer home.Cheers!

6.The Insomnia!and the Sleep-all-day phases!:
All nighters with your friends are sometimes the most amazing days,ever!Nightouts are heaven,with all the crazy humor,drama and never-ending fun.But all-nighters for academic reasons are a continent apart from the ones mentioned earlier!Those are the times which make me realize the importance of caffeine,a.k.a,coffee,RedBull,and all such aerated drinks!On the other hand,there are the aforementioned "sleep-all-day-phases",when all you want to do,is take another nap again,just after you wake up from one!Unfortunately,these occur only during examinations!
7.The studies.
Like it or not,studies are an integral part of college life.Gratefully,I've always been thankful for getting through,always,sometimes admirably,and sometimes,barely!Exams are the times when the student fraternity rallies around each other,taking every stray into its folds,as we determinedly march our way towards the enticing reward that "passing" is!

8.The "forever-and-always-wala- pyaar"
Yes,you read it right.Accuse me of being cheesy,and I acquiesce,gladly.For these lovely munchkins have seen it all:The kiddish stubbornness,the egoistic stuck-up phases,the philosophy guru phases,the tantrums and the emotions going berserk,the panic attacks,and the infatuations!We've had our share of fights as well,no denying that,and I've endured week-long silences where all we wanted to do was text each other about the latest piece of gossip!!!But after all the silly misunderstandings,the baseless temper tantrums,and crazy fall-outs,we've always made it up in the end,with the forever-and-always wala pyaar intact!These people have never let me go through a box of tissues,or a box of ferrero Rocher either,alone!You peepz know I love you so much,it overwhelms me sometimes!It is overwhelming,I kid you not,to have all these people for you.They've been there,through it all,and I know they will always be there!And these are just college friends;if I get started about the others,this article might never end!
It hasn't been all-smiles always.It never is.I've had my fair share of downs and lows:insecurities,and dissapointments and emotional outbreaks,but when I look back at it all,all these faces lit with the most brilliant of smiles come to mind,bringing one to my face instantly!

This is what "My college diaries:volume 1" looks like to me,equal parts of awesomeness,emotions,and fun.It's a heady mix,and the party,is just getting started!I've got two more years of this amazing phase of my life,and I plan to live em out with the awesomeness they will surely prove out to be!Thanks a lot Aarti,for making me relive the first half of my college life,for bringing forth all those beautiful memories!Shukriya jee.Big hugs.
I'd further like these lovelies to share their college memories with the world:
Yash Shah
Divyakshi Gupta
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Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Thats me.
Why?Well,I’ve got my end of Semester exams coming up in two weeks(almost.),and these are probably the only Exams which are a big deal to us Engineers-to-be.
So,naturally,what one is expected to do,is to cram up on technical subjects by the truckload,and then,cram some more!
We even get a nice month-long vacation,aka Preparatory Leave,for the purpose!Needless to say,no one studies!(Well,except for the good people who do,and then help us poor mortals in our times of need.)Atleast I don’t.
And before you write this off as swag or some weird arrogance,let me clarify,that that is so not the case!I want to,oh I do.But there are a gazillion distractions waiting for my attention,and they all pounce upon me the moment I open a book.
Every day dawns with this countdown towards D-day,which is,incidentally the twentieth this month:only nine days left.(Gods!I almost abandoned this article in a panic attack,but came back to finish it the very next moment!Speak of distractions!)The countdown,is a very sobering,harsh reality check,which motivates,(tries to)me to do the one thing I should be doing right now:STUDY!
But then an hour passes by, deciding on which subject to pick up,as yours truly doesn’t know a single subject properly enough this time!*Again,panic attack!!!*
When I finally choose a subject,(Randomizing.Works every time!),the exhausting efforts have made me hungry,and that calls for a break!Breaks usually extend from lunches to nap times and then walks in the park and sometimes even to dinner-time!(Don’t even mention the sitcoms and silly conversations.They are an essential part of every social butterfly’s life!)
When I finally realize that breaks are supposed to be short,and that the literal meaning of study break is “a short interval of recreational time between long hours of knowledge assimilation!”,I finally get back to the Chosen Subject of the Day,only to be assaulted by this monstrous guilt trip over the time I wasted,am wasting,and will waste!I literally waste time obsessing over wasted time!Gosh!Exams can drive one crazy!
So,after 1% of studying,the clock strikes 12,and,Night Owl that I am,I seriously study.For an hour or two,tops.Among other things.(Checking social networking sites,Playing HayDay,writing poetryand stuff like that!)I kid you not when I say that these days,I feel like the writer in me is amped up on a huge six-pack of Tantrum(Refer HIMYM;p),with all the poetry,and prose that I’ve been churning out!No complaints there,for I love it,ofcourse,Thank God for my writing,Hallelujaah,but most of the time,I feel like Shia LaBeouf from Revenge Of The Fallen!Only difference,I see new poems in my head,instead of old cybertronian symbols!Getting it all down on paper is ofcourse a priority,which reduces my serious study-time even more!
I thought I was stuck in a rut,sleeping at 3 everyday,waking late the next morning,and doing nothing,so I even decided to liven things up a bit!Saw two movies this weekend!Thats normal,but not normal during PLs!I thought that maybe the added guilt will help me mature up a bit and finally start studying.Well,I was wrong.
So here I am,just another day of the countdown gone by,without any serious work on the study front!Only major achievement:I managed to ask all my friends the quintessential exam time question:”Kitna padha??!!”
Those who replied aren’t better off,and that is soothing,for “seeing another human being undergoing the same plight as ours is always better than enduring it all alone,and is found to impart great moral strength!”It is who we are as humans!(ignore the philosophical talk:#InterstellarEffect.)Those who did not reply,well now we know how they manage to score all those marks!
I need to end this on a positive note,so,and I believe this 100%,the universe always gives you what you really want!What I really really want at this point of time,is to preserve my purrfect li’l 8-pointer,and so I will!Don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from me for a long long long time.(A month.I can’t leave you lovelies for long now can I?)This might sound crazy,or like a Note To Self,but this is the time which will matter the most,academics-wise,so I have to make it all count!
If you are an Engineering student,I know you can relate.Just,keep those phones aside and study,for I gotta do the same thing,and:same plight,human tendencies yada yada yada!Happy Studying!
Thanks for reading this,and for all the love and appreciation I’ve recieved for the poems as well (They are here: ,in case you haven’t seen ‘em yet.)Ya’ll are the best.Many thanks,and much love.
Stay Blessed.
P.s:Did I mention how we all(all of the other engineer-kids who’ll soon embark on perilous journeys) are going to ace our exams and stay All Clear and get great pointers?!Guess I did,.Believe it.We are.Rainbows and butterflies people.That’s what life is!Life’s all rainbows and butterflies,despite the occasional dirt storm,so yess,We Can!Okay,I seriously need to staahp.Like,right now.So,goodbye
And yes,Believe!