Saturday, 23 August 2014

The Univercell Experience

There was this Indiblogger event called UniverCell Sync,my first,and let me tell you how amazing that experience was!(I should've begun with something a bit more dramatic;but,yeah,now that I've begun,let's continue with it!)
From beyond those glass doors,this one looks like just another mobile store.Well,let me tell you,it's not just a mobile store,nay sir,it's a lot more than that!I pushed in the door which said "PULL",and entered this pretty store.(Thats typical of me now:pushing doors that tell us to do otherwise!)
The first thing that comes up,is this "new and noteworthy" section,where they have a pretty cool collection of all thats new and noteworthy,with their special touch in the form of a concise writeup about the product.Next up,was the "popular" section,where all the handsets we technosiasts drool over,were arranged in a majestic array,enough to give techgasms to any tech-lover!
 When I entered the store,the first thing that attracted my eye was their love for detail;and how pretty and organized it all looked:No jhanjhats,no confusions,and no dead dummy pieces!Even the staff were so dapper,I could buy all of those beautiful gadgets out there(Mum,Dad,look at this,Christmas and Diwali are coming>-<)!Another great thing about this place,they have the gadgets arranged into neat little sections,for the camera-crazy,the gamers,the workaholics,and the music junkies!
Plus,they have these checklists where we can compare the gadgets on display,and shop for the best!I managed to snap one,just for you peepz:
Creative head Soumya,a very amiable personality,says,"It took us almost 2 years to get the blueprint of this store finalized,for the personalized touch we wanted to give!"Indeed,their efforts have paid off,because I say this is one of the best stores I have been to,when it comes to Mobiles and tabs!Best part:you can try out ALL the gadgets that are on display here,all of them.Even the speakers,the Bluetooth headsets(who lets us try BLUETOOTH headsets,let alone in mumbai,but in the whole country?WOAH);you can even stream music from your own phones to check the soundbars!Pretty cool right?
When you have finally chosen a gadget from this wonderland,you head to the billing section,through this cute smiley wall(Omg,how cute is that?)

In here,you get personalized assistance for setting up your phone,and competetive prices to die for!

 There are loads of schemes and other cool stuff for your phones,which ensures you get the complete univercell experience,for a long long time(Not so long,an year;)

The image below shows their unique approach to each and every customer!And how can I forget this cool kids area where parents can keep their kids intrigued and occupied while they search for their dream phones!The kids get to play educative games on tablets provided for them,and the people here were sweet enough to declare that they dont have a "You break it-You buy it" policy!

Plus they have these frames where people can take photographs and create beautiful memories;thus reducing all the confusion and making buying phones a hassle free experience!
 All in all,the cool offers,the pretty facade,the amazing layout,the guarantees and the personalization,ensure that if you buy a phone from UnivercellSync,you wont go anywhere else for your next!
It has a number of branches in and around mumbai,and in pune as well,and all across the country.Check it out once,and rest assured,for you will fall in love with this pretty and compact place!
So,next time you break that big old phone of yours,or break it or lose ,or forget it in a taxi,or give it away as daan,you know where to go for your next one!And if you are extra lucky,you might even walk in on an ongoing contests(yes,they have loads of exciting ones),and get all kinds of awesome stuff!
 Thanks for reading,And thanks Indiblogger for this amazing experience,where I got to meet other like-minded creatures;bloggers,per se;(cheers you awesome people,cheers)and especially this li'l munchkin Manvi here,who had dropped in with her mommy,Oh,Cuteness overloaded!
P.S:I really went all crazy over that smiley wall,and I might even have one installed at my place!

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