Thursday, 4 September 2014

Ganpati Bappa Morya

Ganpati bappa....Moryaaaa!
This seems to be the only cry in the atmosphere these days!India's most loved God is here to stay,and in Mumbai,this is the biggest festival of the year!Beautiful ganesh idols,amazing decorations,loads of fun,tonnes of sweets(don't watch the calories,atleast this festive season;)),and above all,a festive spirit of unity,of togetherness,of piety-this pretty much sums up the atmosphere which cant actually be expressed in words!
I for one,am having an amazing festive season,although its bitter sweet now,for as I write this,the bappas are riding home,in their majestic visarjan raths,leaving tears in many eyes!We all know about the festival,so I spare you the details,and also save this blogpost form becoming a monotonous narrative/infomercial about the festival;doing so will be sacrilegious!
Let me just share with you a few of the highs of my festive season:

.Bappa,in all his grace,in all his beautiful forms:
Before the Poojas..very first day.
Yes,to behold Him in my eyes,to be in His presence gives the kind of utter joy and peace of  mind,which is beyond words,beyond all things earthly and mundane!The aartis,with all the energy and electricity,are a different story altogether.The Grace and beauty that prevails is pure,glorious bhakti in its truest form,as all people,of all ages,and of all regions and religions,bask in the Glory of the Almighty...and let me tell you a secret:He answers all prayers!(Provided they are legit,ofcourse)

.Friends,getting together after ages:
crazy selfies-Must Have

Yes,we are "friends forever" and yes,we DONT meet up frequently!Ganpati Bappa gives us a brilliant excuse to do exactly that:As He graces many a household with his divine presence,there are get-togethers,where old memories are renewed,and new ones made,all joyful ones,at that!Plus,theres tonnes of photographs and selfies,so no teenager has to worry about the constant need,and shortage,of new display pictures!You need to be a master-planner to nail all invites this season,though;for,with invites galore,and the festivities limited to just 11(or lesser) days,you miss out on more than a handful of invites.A big sorry,and loads of love,to all the friends whom I couldnt visit.

.Akshar Ganesh:

   My housing complex celebrates the festival for 5 days-five of the most happening days in an otherwise dull month:with bappa and his aartis,and various fun activities.One of them was when renowned artist Raj Kandalgaonkar visited,and displayed his fantastic innovations.In every name,he sees a ganesha,and that is how he paints these beautiful akshar ganeshas!I got lucky,as he sketched this one for me!For more of these,just click on his name,which will redirect you to his website.Kudos,to his brilliant art ideas and innovations!

.Traditional clothes:
 Yes,I have actually mentioned this,and you are not hallucinating.This might sound very trivial,but for us,who never wear traditional indian attires,this is a big deal!These few days,I have been dressing uo all-Indian,and it actually came off pretty good!See for yourselves:
Not the only pic..KhiKhiKhi

Also,It makes me feel closer to,rather,a part of MY lost culture,which was never mine!It feels like home,it does!I feel all Marathi-and-proud right now.I know it sounds superficial,trying to trace one's roots,by merely changing attires,but trust me,it feels good!Plus,we get to look all pretty,and that's definitely a "yay!"

.Atharvacha Raja:

  He is the king,the Lord,of my college;But I wont say anything  about that right now:Its going to be a whole new blogpost!Wait-for-it.

Plus,there were mAny other things,like momma's special food,all the pictures we clicked,late nights and early mornings,all the travelling,the crazy visarjan dances and the ENERGY for it all:Ohh!The Energy!Even after an extraordinarily long day which began at six in the morning,I had the energy to stay up late,and thats the magic of the festivals!
This one's getting a bit longer than I expected,even though I have loads more to say,and very few words to describe all the feelings(well,that's a first)So I stop here,we all have aartis to attend,or selfies to click!Hope your festival was as blessed and beautiful as mine,or more!Atheists(Yes,they do exist,and I am no judge,so peace,all over),atleast enjoy the electric atmosphere around you,and I am sure,a teeny-tiny part of you would start believing in the existence of a higher power,in Him,such is the serenity,and power exuded by my beautiful Bappa!
Thanks for reading this,Its the seventh day of festivities today,and as I returned home from an amazing-yet-bittersweet-Day(more about it later,watch this space),the idols were going away,in the opposite direction,headed home.The innocent,beautiful bappa's left,leaving a lump in my throat,and tears in my eyes!Comment,Criticize.(appreciate;p)It might just lift my spirits again.(Kidding about the appreciation part;it will be appreciated,though>_<)
Ganpati Bappa Morya1Pudhchya Varshi Lavkar Yaa...May He Bless Us All

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