Sunday, 3 August 2014

Sick Leave

        Thanks to my superb metabolism,amazing mom and laziness,I have always been a healthy child!(Laziness because lazy kids don't go out to play in the rain,and hence don't catch horrible colds!)I hadn't been to a doctor's in like ages.In a perfect world,i wouldn't have had to,ever(nothing against my doctor buds,you guys earn an honest living,it's just my chronic fear of syringes needles and well,hospital smells);but this world is far from perfect,and thats how my "sick leave" began!
        It was the worst possible start i could imagine,to the new semester!Or maybe it wasn't so bad after all,considering i got free attendance for over a week,so,can't really complain acads-wise!THe symptoms are all the same;so much are the similarities that now I've started prescribing my meds to people when I see an "unwell" status on whatsapp!It's a viral fever they say,just another passing thing,all because of the mousam!It's the whole package actually,if you ask me,not just the fever..there's cough and cold,and then there's pounding hangover-y headaches(only ten times worse) and weakness!You catch this,book a bed and your favorite blankey for a week atleast,because you wont be able to,and wouldn't want to,move around!God forbid,but I have an uncanny feeling that a substantial number of eyeballs scanning this are connected to feverish,aching heads(minds)!
       So,that's what I caught a week ago.It was pretty normal stuff after that:Go to your GP..him prescribing stuff,you skipping a dose or two!Mind you,if you ever get viral fever,DO NOT SKIP MEDS!(shouty capitals;because I did it,and it landed me into an even bigger mess!)So,there I was,unwell again,even after my course was all done(albeit a day late),and the doc told me to get a bloodtest!Just like that,I go from meek-sickly-kid mode to panic mode in a second!Well,the thing is,I am not usually a scared cat..but one cannot be blamed for fearing inevitable pain.(I know,I know,all you tough people out there scoffing and raising eyebrows,citing ant bites and bravery:boo yaah)Only those who are afraid of the needle will understand my trauma!Unluckily,mum's not one of them,and it was a really messy trip to the hospital,when it was time to get my tests done!
      Thats how I went in,in mortal peril,with half a mind to just turn tail and run to the safety of home sweet home,but to no avail!My way of reassuring myself-"Shhhh!They say its just an antbite..don't make a fool of yourself".The moment of fleeting reassurance however turned into horror when the nurse strapped that belt-y thing to my arm and readied the needle(God!Im getting goosebumps while writing this!#scaryshit).This is how it went:
Nurse:Hold still,stop acting like a kid!
Enter three more hands to grab me.
      Needless to say,it was a very painful affair!two agonizing minutes later,it was all done.And trust me when I say this:It does NOT feel like an ant bite,unless you were talking about scary alien ants in the first place!*scowls*Also,no exaggerations with the time as well,it was a full two minutes!(felt like an eternity);but I DID NOT cry'!I am not making it sound like a major accomplishment or something,but I did not!Neither did I howl in pain all the way back home *pat on the back*It will sound all goody-two-shoes now,but I did actually feel this:While waiting for the bloodshed,I glanced through an issue of the Mirror-Gory images of four-year olds,all covered in blood,innocently staring at the camera,all the way from gaza!In a very selfish way,I say that they gave me strength,The episode during the act was inevitable,I am only human;but I could avoid all the (unnecessary) drama that would've usually followed!It just did not feel right,to howl in misery over something so trivial,when they were dying out there,for no particular fault of theirs!Its not my place,nor my interest,to go into the politics of it all,but in a purely humanitarian way,all I ask is:How much more?!!!!Stop the carnage,for theres always a peaceful,no-lives-lost way,if we look hard enough!
    Closer home,yours truly is writing this because she has no other gainful employment at present.An entire week of rest,being wrapped in blankets and poked and pierced finally came to this:I have a low WBC count,and that spells doom,not because of the low WBCs;but because I will have to go through the entire "bloodsucking" episode again!(Vampires have lost a bit of my love;newfound respect for bella(she is still dumb,though!),elena and all the other vampire-ladies).I hope I miraculously mature up or something by the time:dar ke aagey jeet hain>_< !I am finally going back to college tomorrow,to catch hold of new topics for you lot,till then,please refer puppy face above;),and stay fit!Sick people,take care.Thanks for reading,comments and criticisms are always welcome(Go easy on me this time around,though),may peace prevail!
P.s:Its international friendship day today,So..Thanks for being my amigo,much love!Cheers:)

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