Thursday, 21 August 2014

Random Gratitude

Firstly,this is not a full-fledged article,all of you have to wait another few days for it;this is just a fledgling of an idea!Interested?read on...
 Isn't it the best feeling in the world for a few seconds when someone expresses gratitude to you about some random and seemingly inconsequential act you did ages ago?We all would love to feel like that.Going one step further,why don't we keep the circle going,and make other people feel the same way?
 It all began like this:I was busy on the internet,(scrolling up and down in my facebook newsfeed and checking out profiles,with my favorite westlife playlist in the background:these tasks fit my description of busy),when all of a sudden,i realize that all these people in my newsfeed,have done me a good turn someday,somewhere down the line.May it be from the smallest of things,like helping out with directions,to being the cornerstones of my life,every act needs a display of gratitude,I feel.So,the next thing I do,is try and remember one thing I could say ThankYou for,and yes,it wasn't just ONE thing that came to mind,there were loads.I typed out a status update,thanking the person,hashtagged it #RandomGratitude,and urged them to send it on ahead.
 It's wonderful how a li'l ThankYou note can spread smiles all across,how just a few taps on the keyboard,a few kb's of internet usage,can be a rainbow to someone's cloud!Bonus:It feels good too,you know.So,now I urge you,beloved reader,to carry it forward:Just thank someone for the smallest thing they have done,and hashtag it #RandomGratitude,see how good it feels!
P.S:A big thank you,ofcourse to all my readers,because these words are but dead computer memory without you people!

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