Sunday, 10 August 2014


We Engineers are not a studious lot.(Statement proven to be true,exceptions do exist.)So,let me tell you how it goes for us:in a particular semester,the first three months are almost always gainfully invested in various preoccupations,and in roaming the city,bunking college,and all those hip things we do!(wink wink)Then come the college festivals.That takes a month or two,including the preparations,organizing the fests,enjoying them,and then finally basking in the aftermath(this takes more time,because lazying around is a lengthy process,we all know!)Now,its four months up in a six month semester,without any serious relationship with studies.Minor adversities like term tests and assignments are overcome with the help of the aforementioned exceptions,May the Lord bless their souls!
        In short,until the preparatory leave arrives,which is roughly a month before the dreaded exams,we engineers dont know anything about the subjects we have proudly managed to learn the fullforms of,in the past four months!(ED is engineering drawing,SPA is structured programming approach,I guess!)We have now managed to reach that important phase in each engineers lives,the PLs!This is the time when we study the subjects we have managed to ignore the entire semester,statistically.But,statistics dont work in real life(well,not much,do they?),and the PLs are mostly about worrying about vivas and then obsessing about the silly questions you couldnt answer when the khadoos external examiner put 'em forth!Then we pester our friends with that cliche question,"How much did you study?"This is usually a conversation starter in those days,and the conversations normally last for hours,beginning with the little amount of studying your friends have done,then comparing what you have done with em,exchanging your respective arsenals of expletives(in a very imaginative way,swear words are literally BORN during these times!)
       Before the average engineer even knows it,that dreaded day of exams arrives,most of the times with the most dreadful of subjects:MATHS,as the first paper.Trust me when I say this,we haven't accomplished much in the PLs,and everyone actually starts seriously studying just a couple of days before the exam,so with our fragile hearts in our dry mouths,we enter the examination halls!The next three hours is a horror story I don't intend to enter into,right now,as I've had enough of these "experiences",and will be having loads more!The only time we actually "study" is the five day leave between papers!That golden time period is what makes us engineers!Hail Mumbai University!
      So,after reading all this,you might've got a fair idea of how tensed the atmosphere is when the results are around!Everyone is quiet;most days there's a hue and cry that the results are out,but it turns out to be hue and cry over false alarms,and hearts all over skip a beat.People start calculating passing combinations,and grace mark possibilities,and you will always find some people hovering near the board where they display results.This is when the senior year results arrive,and we sit in dreadful anticipation,awaiting the results,praying,hoping,promising to ourselves that we won't repeat our mistakes next semester(we always do!).This was my state of mind this weekend,always expecting the results at the worst moments imaginable!

    Friday passed with no bad news.Saturday was as uneventful as well.

    Then comes sunday,and we all breath a sigh of relief,saying sundays aren't working days,they wont unleash them on us today!I was just up from my afternoon nap,it must have been a half past six,and when I check my phone,its an avalanche of messages and missed calls,all screaming to me:


  From the sluggish haze of sleep,i was jolted into consciousness in an instant shell-shocking moment.The apprehension of that moment,a thousand things running through my mind,sending pleas of "Bappa,pass kara do" to all Gods,known and unknown,sneaking in your parent's room to get the hallticket without catching there eye,finally culminated in this:

That precious feeling is indescribable.All I could do was go ballistic with joy and the immense relief of it all!All's well that end's well,so,even though I was inches close to a heart attack,it's all good now.Now as the messages flood in,enquiries,consolations,congratulations,I just congratulate all those who went through a similar ordeal today,congrats peepz,we are "one quarter" ENGINEER now!To all those who saw that dreaded F word on their screens,hope it all evens out in reval,hang in there!Also,thou art insensitive in thy grief and glory,so no offence intended!If feelings are hurt,unintentionally,please forgive me.
   Right now,as I bask in the glory of it all,there are a million things I need to do,loads of regrets from the shitty weekend I had,lots of apologies to be handed out,loads of stuff to be read,written,assimilated.But inspite of being literally bee-busy,the feeling that overrides them all is an overwhelming sense of immense Gratitude!
P.S:I drew blood for the second time this week,and this time,I am proud to tell you I did not scream;just cried:a LOT.Anyways,thats another story,and in the end,the reports are normal,so yours truly is all hale and hearty now,Thanks for all the "takkays" and "get-well-soons",Much love!

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