Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The Marshall Mania

Two words.
The definition of the purrrrfect guy for me.
Yessss call me lovestruck,call me crazy,i dont mind!
  When I think of the perfect forever,its not some knight in shining armour(well legolas maybe,but that would be elf with shining hair and that is so not the point here,this is about marshall! #OhHowTheMindWanders!) or some other literary hero like christian grey  or even romeo ..its him...plain old marshall eriksen!
  He may not be adonis,just a normal guy...but his six foot frame cuts an aww-so-adorable figure!The way he loves lily,the way he sleeps with just one lady and never regrets it,the way he looks at the kids,the way he is pure awesomeness,his environment-love,his dilemmas,his embarassments....himmm!Ohh i could go on and on and on....
   So all the single guys out there who realllllly want someone worth cherishing....ummm like lily,stop spending on those fancy rides;dont run to gyms or guitar classes....go watch marshall instead!Be marshall....!:')
P.s: For those who could not make heads or tails of this article,*Bigggg scowl* you are not living!Thou art hopelessly deprived of awesomeness! Experts advice:Go watch HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER!


  1. we all want our marshmallow(atleast al the lilyz out there watching how i met your mother) marshal the guy who loves me even when i'm unwaxed.. the time when i wont be insecure even if therez a hot new bartender the person who putz a baby in me(the way Lily says it) the person who givez me Daisy and Marvin wait for it Eriksen az of now i cant think of any1 different from marshall to whom i'll say yes i do..

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