Monday, 17 March 2014

Holi Heavens!!!

Holi Heavens!No,this is not a spelling me.I am a grammar nazi;I would know!No,this,my dear friends,is about the Indian festival of Holi-much like carnival,albeit with bonfires and colors and water instead of fireworks!
 We Indians are a very jolly people...we need reasons to celebrate,so there are at least a dozen festivals a month!(Exaggerating,but you get the picture!)So,the biggie for march is Holi,and for the ignorant,welll,I might just brief you up about it as well.
The Holi Bonfire.Lit.
Holi is the festival of colors.Bonfires are lit symbolizing the renouncement of all things evil.Peope go crazy splashing colors at each other.Pheww..fits in 140 characters..*pat on the back*. This is what it essentially is,as far as I know.Now coming back to the all-important,much-loved topic of discussion,i.e. Me!(Kidding..No don't hit me >_<) I am not a morning person,I care for my skin and hair,I dont actually like random people splashing me with water from questionable origins,and I dont like dirty colors caking my face!Needless to say,I am not a Holi person;at all!Or Wasn't one at least..until today!
 Just a day ago,I saw a beautiful photograph of blind kids playing Holi,in the morning daily.(Might've put it up here,but what if they sue me for using their images?).It touched a chord,all these beautiful kids who couldnt actually see the colors they were playing with!:"D (Smiley says it all.) That was irrelevant,but again,my blog;p !
 After a lot of emotional blackmail and pestering,threats of getting the house all colored,(YES my friends do that to me.A lot.)and even, "Get your lazy behind out here or we drag you out!"ultimatums,I had to go play Holi!Armed with nothing but a packet of gulaal(crimson colored powder),and my brother's water gun(on loan),I marched out with a grim look on my face (ohh my clean,clear,confident face!) to just get it over with!The timestamp would have read 10:00 IST.
  10:05 IST:
Not so clean now,are we?
The clean,clear,confident face is nowhere to be seen.A multicolored ogre-face has taken its place!As depressing as the situation sounds,I was actually having fun!Water balloons and colors everywhere,with speakers blaring popular hindi numbers,and the Indian delicacy called BHAANG!My sub-conscious was doing cartwheels with an "I-told-you-we-would-have-FUN"grin glued to her face!What completed the ecstasy was a water hose in the middle of the complex-square;which was actually a  horrendous wastage of water;but it made the day all the more AMAZING!Finally after hours of splashing,dancing,and other shenanigans,I returned home all dirty-faced and exhausted but with a resolve to go play Holi next year as well! 
The pictures are an added joy,because no one would risk bringing their phones or cameras in such pandemonium.Lord bless the worthy soul who clicked these,and his Experia Z!;(Wonderful utilization of technology I say.)for without him we would have been stranded without pictures-a blasphemy in the contemporary times!
Don't bother asking who is who!
 Even after all this is said and done,just imagine yourself dressing up impeccably for that presentation which is giving you the creeps,and its almost a week to Holi,and all of a sudden,SPLASHHH comes a water balloon landing squat on your freshly laundered formals,your hand automatically connects with your forehead with a resounding smack,and all you can say,exasperated,is HOLI HEAVENS!!(kinda like holy cow or holy...Oh you get the gist!)!Yes,this happened to me:(...can't help people's enthusiasm about the festival though,so no complaints(at the moment)!
Hope everyone enjoyed Holi...loads of love,stay blessed:D
 P.S:Watch the video for "Stay the night" by Zedd featuring Hayley Williams....mesmerizing!

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