Wednesday, 19 March 2014

La douleur exquise

  Eyes...steel gray...molten steel??or were they some other exotic colour?Was it the eyes she was attracted to?Or was it him?The entire 6 foot male homo sapien that she was pulled break-neck speed?!
Friends they were...good friends,close friends,even best friends if she could admit to that,if he could believe that!Then what now,was the strange constriction in her throat?What changed when she saw him with 'her'?What was that lone tear..that awful feeling of loneliness which suddenly overcame her like a gloomy black cloud which looms large over merry little villages,spreading gloom in its wake!
They were just friends werent they?!And  she was also just a friend of his...and what if she wasn't just that?what if there was more?!Why did that bother her as much as it did?!Why did it hurt?!They couldnt spend as much time together as they earlier would.She would always be around!Always pulling him away..away..everpresent "away"!
Why did that make her feel threatened?She was a beautiful entity,whereas her best friends always called her a plain jane.He used to tell her she was beautiful,that she "needed no make-up to cover up,that being the way she was was enough!" in those playful times they spent together!But even those times were hard to come by these days,like mirages in a hot desert,& all that remained was electronic communication,a void!A void that would never be filled?
The memories assailed her,.oh the memories!Beautiful,fantastic,lovely oh-she-could-go-on-describing-how-wonderful-&-never-run-out-of-words memories!They attacked her,crept on her from behind like really creepy witches,caught her unawares,rocked her with the joy,the nostalgia,the passion,the fun,and then,always,without fail,left her heart broken!Broken and grieving and sad and reminiscent and...hopeful!Oh so hopeful that she was nothing more than a friend.Hopes that she would get back things..the late night crazy conversations,the talking-slow-coz-your-momma-doesnt-know..the cute fights over which actor was hotter and which had the sexiest pout..the movies..the emotional outbursts..the fast food,..the studies..him!
Would she?
Tried my hand at writing fiction.Hope it's good enough.
DISCLAIMER:  The above article is purely a work of fiction,and any resemblances to earthlings,living or dead,are coincidental! >_<
P.s:(Yes,there's always one,in case you were wondering about the p.s!)I must thank tumblr as well for the image courtesy.Comments and criticism are always welcome:)

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