Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The Bloggeratti

I guess I wanted you more,,,,in the end it seemed there was no room for me still I tried to change your mind.. and looking back am sure,.I guess I wanted you more...ohhhh I dont need you anymore....I dont need you anyyyymore!
  When this is the only thing playing on your mind and you begin to write a blog post,just because you haven't blogged in months and because you have nothing else to do and because it might bring some amount of perspective to your otherwise messed up life(or so you think!),this is what you end up typing;and then it would be a waste if you delete it and then again,it is good to start off on a poetic note,so you decide you might as well keep it!
    Virat is losing matches,there's no semblance of order in the author's life.The mind wanders and you wonder how many people will actually feel for you if you suddenly go missing;just disappear off the face of the earth in a majestic "pooof"!Everybody is selfish."Everybody" doesnt care!You have to watch out for yourself.All the time.Makes one doubt the entire idea of a soulmate..yin-yang..the L word!Makes one wish that somebody would reaffirm your belief in it!*wink wink*
    Before these ravings blow your mind away(unlikely,but may happen) or you just give up on reading(more likelier) ,let us come back to the topic.Or actually begin with it since we never really did!
  Only 2% of the entire Indian population actively blogs.By "blogs" here,which is used as a verb,is implied everything including reading blogs to writing them,and even borrowing from them for projects(No.Exaggeration.Sorry.).So I might as well be a regular here,help India in the whole blogging scene....be part of the elite bloggerati of India.Watch this space for more rants?Pwettty Pweez?(:
  While I am at it,I would also post some pieces from the news which are impressive enough to stay in my mind for hours,and some trinkets of wisdom I think up randomly,under the hashtag "SagaSpeaks".Okaay,might sound ridiculous,but appreciation would be welcome,criticism,though unwelcome(Come on nobody likes it!);would be acknowledged!
P.s:The above rant was actually typed out in a sleep deprived state with music blaring in the background,so no responsibilities taken!

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