Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Gratitude Gratitude!

  Gratitude is THE attitude!True that,very! This may sound very phoney to the reader...(actually LOOK phoney,but nevermind;P) but it actually does work! Books by rhonda bryne,The Secret,The Magic,The Power,The Hero...are all real gems!You have to believe and then see the universe working its magic for you!
  Coming back to what i had in mind,here goes:
We all use social networking sites..twitter,facebook,blogger,tumblr and what-nots!The concept of GRATITUDE week came to mind...it goes somewhat like this..just for a week,post pictures of you with people who matter.Not just pictures,but pictures with good captions.Thank them for last minute notes,Thank them for the extra five bucks,thank them for the blogging invites;THANK them for being a part of your lives! Be articulate,type out the feelings,the ones you never gave word to! Try it..it sure would feel good..and who knows what might happen next!
The ones you thank might just be in need of something exactly like this!Be happy,make em happy...be grateful.:))
  Give it a try!Just for a week,lets see how many smiles we spread,because after all a smile is a curve that sets everything right!
Comments,criticism and appreciation always welcome.Thanks for reading,You are Special!(:

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