Saturday, 4 October 2014

In Retrospect

It's been a busy week,with piles of termwork to do,and even more last minute submissions and assignments!Top that with a sprinkle of the dreaded "exams",and you get the perfect recipe for the Great Indian Academic Horror Story!I kid you not,when I say we engineers reach that point in a semester where,if a car hit us,we would probably be thankful to the driver;in these months!
 So,here I am,at some ridiculously absurd time in the morning(2.00,to be precise),lost in quiet contemplation!(I literally changed my twitter username to q8 contemplation>_<.Does that confirm me going nuts?!)Speaking of,it is so damn frustrating to get a proper Twitter Handle these days!If you think of something wonderfully unique,twitter tells you it's already taken!If you manage to avoid the already-takens,you run out of space for your awesomesauce username!hufff so much work:/(I tried UncivilizedSophistication,CrazyConsciousness and what-not!)Sorrry,straying off-topic here.
 Getting back to said topic,there I am,sitting up late,papers strewn around me,assignments half completed,on my umpteenth coffee break of the day,and all I can think about is this:Life is an evolutionary process!Evolution,in turn is a daily process!
 Sounds stupid,I know,but give it a thought!Today,I am this crazy kid with larger-than-life ideas;I am this ancient soul,with kiddish notions about the world;I am the oldest I have ever been,and the youngest I'll ever be,I am the sum total of all I have ever been,all my life!And yet,I am but a thought,an energy?,a soul,some consciousness in the vast expanse of this universe!Tomorrow,I evolve into something more-an infinitesimal change,a little maturity earned,a little experience turning out to be an eye opener,a little sorrow forgotten,a little more love,an expanse of infinite possibilities!
Truly enough,some infinities ARE bigger than other infinities(Thanks John Green),and when I actually give it all a thought,the universe spins in and out of focus,in a beautiful mess of chaotic understanding!A year seems like a huge period of time,but also a tiny dot in this timeless expanse of the universe,at the very same time!
Looking back,I remember loads of people who were an integral part of life,then;people without whom I couldn't imagine a Life!Some of them left,some have stuck around,and it seems like only yesterday,when I look at the pictures,lost in happy memories and quiet contemplation.Many others have now come to mean so much to me,and they might not stick around forever,but life has this inexplicably awesome quality of "going-on",and if you are open to it,love and happiness always find a way in!This is personal experience talking,and not just some crazy teen high on coffee(Or maybe,i dunno:p)!
Okay,so before you actually begin to worry bout me being eaten up by a philosophical guru or something,let me specify:NO,I have not gone bonkers(On the verge of it?maybe.Wait,NO,nay,nada).This is just the ancient soul talking,and now that I scroll up and actually READ what I've churned out,it does make sense,although the overall tone seems quite depressing(Read psychotic;or whatever)!I intended it to be otherwise,though.I love the daily pandemonium of evolving craziness that is Life!And everyone should,too,for we will never actually be the exact same again.Ever.
So why not try being the BEST possible version of oneself,because we only get to be that version just once?All of this may sound too "goody-two-shoes" for one's own good,but why lose a shot at The Good Life,when YOLO!>_<
No pictures in this post because come on,dyou expect this tired li'l bugger to search for pictures at this ungodly hour?Kidding,but I really don't find any,right now!
P.S:Thanks for reading.Yes.ThankYou for reading my nightly rants,my psychedelic ravings!You are awesome,like,seriously awesome!(wink wink)Comments and criticisms always welcome,but for this one post,don't tell me I've strayed off topic,because I know I have,and ya'll are lovely sugarbuns for still reading it all.
I am tempted to put in a Disclaimer here that if it all sounds too BS,its the caffiene talking,so blame it on the hours of scribbling that I was compelled to complete!
Stay Awesome,Stay Happy,Evolve.

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