Tuesday, 21 October 2014


As I have cribbed about it in a million other rants,you,my beloved reader are surely familiar with the submissions situation in my life!Its basically 24*7 writing(not MY kind of writing,but the boring,slogging type!),and then mugging up the stuff you have written for the next horrendous stage,that is,Vivas!
So,this is last sunday's episode,I was getting ready for the slaughter,and was horribly late,as I always am,ofcourse,(Yes,I can feel those brows raising,and YES,we have vivas on sundays too:(I dont make rules,but I so wish I did)Needless to say,I had absolutely no time for the hassles of putting on makeup,and am not much of a dolling-up kinda person,but when you don't know your stuff properly,looking better than you normally do and acting cute never hurts!Yes,that's a girl thing and am not ashamed!We get our privileges,boo yaah guys!(wink wink).So when I am in this moral dilemma:whether to spend some more time infront of the mirror and risk getting screwed for being late,OR just rush on ahead and,you know,get screwed anyways,a little early this time>_<,almost as if by divine intervention,my eyes chance upon this carton of Garnier BB cream!
It was part of InDispatch,and I'd barely had time to explore,but at that moment,it might have as well been my only beacon of salvation!Hassle free and easy to use,applying it barely took seconds!And the effects,well,I scored a 24/25 in that particular exam,so I explain no more,I need not,rather!
I usually love my skin(and well,all of me,actually;self-obsessed much?,hell yeahh!),but itmade it look all the more perfect!And it fits into our daily routine ohh-so-perfectly!This little carton might as well be your carry-around skin specialist for that matter!Fits into the smallest of purses,and does the job of a skin-brightener,moisturizer and protector all rolled into one!Speak of multitasking eh!Whats more surprising is that it has UV protection against this ugly october heat and our ever present metropolitan pollution!It sounds like I'm selling it or something,but never you worry,for this just me:the same old crazy teenage girl going gaga over something amazing she discovered!I know we can be exasperating at times,but come on,all the cuteness in the world(You could read it as awesomeness too),comes at a price,right!:p
Theres a time crunch,what with busy days and busier nights,with exams,submissions and the festive seasons,I feel like I am rushing from one deadline to another,in this eternal deadline maze or something!Speaking of,I need to submit this entry today before the clock strikes 12 for an indiblogger initiative,so godspeed!
This is an indiblogger initiative with http://www.garnier.in/face-care/beauty/garnier/bb-cream/bb-cream Use it,its amazing,says yours truly!Plus,I get a chance to meet deepika Padukone if the stars allign themselves properly,so just hoping for the best,because,Deepika:OMG deepika,she is so gorgeous she's reason enough for another bout of "gaga",but that's for later!
Thanks for reading.
Love and blessings and diwali wishes and what-nots!(I should probably just,stop!)

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