Monday, 6 October 2014

Bang Bang

I don't usually do movie reviews,not even if I fall in love with said subjects of scrutiny,so this is an exception.One would ask the quintessential question of my purpose behind writing this one,other than throwing around big words,that is,and for them,I think this would suffice:I have been looking for something productive to do all day,being stuck on the internet watching out for online deals and offers on our "offers:yes,but they are all SOLD OUT ma'm"-shopping portals,(needless to say I din't get what I was looking for,and a lot of other stuff  I WASN'T looking for,but would've bought anyway,just for the heck of it!Yes.I din't even get that!So,boo,Mission Waste-A-Day:Accomplished:(..)
  I haven't lost hope yet,like a million other peers,still trying to find that perfect steal(One of my friends actually got two USB sticks,a headphone-set,a car charger,and TWo-mind you,TWo phones worth over 10 k each!Where oh where dyou get all that luck from,oh you?Or maybe it's just his sheer dedication of checkin websites 24x7.Paid off.All I could get everywhere were those ugly "SOLD OUT" statements),and meanwhile,what better way to pass time than to comment-slash-criticize this expensively ridiculous,ridiculously expensive movie I saw yesterday??!
  So,the tickets were already booked by a friend of mine,and as I had no other Sunday-plans,I decided to give "Bang Bang" a go!(That wasn't the only reason,I saw hrithik in the promos,End of Story.I mean,look at that greek-god-bod...oops I'm fangirling,sorry sorry).In a very offhand,"no-offence-meant" way,I have always been blissfully ignorant of bollywood and all that transpires in its shining folds.So,the opening credits of the movie took me by surprise,when they announced(with reallllly crappy background music in the,well,background),that it was "based" on Knight And Day!If you have watched it,you know what I'm talking about,when I say that that movie,is actually,in the true sense of the word,AWESOME!Ofcourse I was on the point-of-no-return,so I had to watch "Bang Bang" out!The next 3 hours(which seemed like 4,or more) that transpired were a heady mix of the following:Veet and Macroman advertisement-lookalikes;actual macroman and Pizza Hut advertisements;Hrithik looking like Adonis,Katrina not moving a muscle on her perfectly sculpted,heavily made-up face;Bollywood masala,a good-looking javed jaffrey;same old villians;one good song or two,and a crappy background score!Having said this,I wouldn't say that it was torture,for the cinematography is beautifully done,and Siddharth Anand has shot on some really beautiful locations,so atleast you can enjoy the view,always,all through the movie,and then there's Hrithik,so,the view....(Okay,No.more.drooling.SORRY)
It was a fun experience though:Comparing it to Knight And Day,picking out similar scenes,cracking crappy jokes,and wishing it would end,and the company,the company was gold,so even the crappiest of movies would have been fun,with them!We also got a dose of a Desi Aunty Acid,who wore sunglasses through the entire movie(it was an evening show),and cribbed about us,demanding us to "lower our voices" all the time!That was fun.Also,there are like four or five times in the movie,towards the end,where you almost get up,thinking its over,but then it actually turns out to be another plot twist!That is exhausting!I mean,for the love of God,End It Already!!!!!
All in all,picteresque locations,(and actors,read actor.),some good songs,amazing dance moves,a good story made overly dramatic,and a jarring background score is what makes Bang Bang a good,though a bit expensive,way to pass your lazy sundays!The experience taught me a lot,as well;It taught me that sometimes,it is okay to watch ridiculous  desi remakes of your favourite movies at ridiculous times,just for the heck of it!I mean,YOLO mahn,YOLO,>_<!
P.s:The way the government agency had CCTV cameras everywhere,and I kid you not,EVERYWHERE(always hovering on the protagonists head,yet fixed,or maybe hanging in limbo,even when there isn't a single tree or pole to hang em on!),really impressed me.India would seriously benefit a lot from that kind of technology,do us all a favor and share it with  our ModiJi please!
On that note,have fun,stay blessed,watch "bang Bang",(or don't)!Thanks for reading,comments,criticisms and anti-shopping portal rants are welcome!

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