Wednesday, 15 October 2014

My Crisis Angel.

 When floods wrecked havoc in J&K in early September 2014, hundreds of people came forward to help. Among these selfless volunteers was the team from V.O.I.C.E (Volunteers Online for Impact in Crisis and Emergencies) working via their twitter handle @InCrisisRelief. A small group of individuals from across the world coordinated the largest citizen-led relief effort ever, with the help of several other Crisis Angels. This group is now doing the same for the flood-ravaged North-Eastern states.
I saw this post on the IndiChange page,and their name,the crisis angels,got me thinking.A lot of us face crisis in our daily lives,when we think its impossible to carry on!(Unavailability of my morning coffee or slow internet connectivity,for example,are crisis situation001 in my life!)Jokes apart,when all hope is lost,this one person comes along,this one person comes along,holds our hand and guides us towards the light!This one person,our beacon of salvation,our crisis angel,will always be there,no matter how high the odds are stacked up against you,no matter how far behind you are lagging,no matter how deep you seem to sink!
 There are loads of people who have helped me get through loads of "situations"(I wont call it crises because,1.I have had a comfortable,safe ,protected life,all thanks to momma and daddy dearest,who are my guardian angels,and who'll never let me get into a crisis in the first place. and,2.Looking at the various disasters that other people face,my disasters just dont seem "disastrous" enough!),so,coming back to the point,there are loads of people who have helped me overcome situations I couldn't have escaped otherwise,but,I wouldn't name any one of em as my crisis angel.This might sound strangely narcissistic,or vaguely depressing,but bear with me and read along:
My crisis angel,I feel,is an alter-ego.For even though the world is full of people who care for you,and who mean the world to you,it is impossible to keep all your secrets in one basket!All crises simply cannot be shared with or limited to,one single alpha-human with all the solutions in a quickfix flask!At that rate,I would be needing an army of crisis angels at best!When I say I myself am my own crisis angel,it really does feel stupid,putting it out in front of ya'll like this,and a bit crazy,but I kid you not,no one can have an awesome-er,more dependable crisis angel than oneself!
 I can solve all my problems,(or sleep through most of em,that works,every.damn.time!),If that doesnt work,I go straight to my best friends,wallowing about the unfairness of it all,and how uncool it is that I dont get to be my own crisis angel.I could go all aristotle on ya'll right now,proclaiming how the universe actually helps my alter-ego be my crisis angel,and how I am the best candidate for the job since,a.I know myself the best,right from the mood swings to the crazy adrenaline rushes and,b.The only person who'll actually be able to handle all the little things I worry about,without freaking out or coming at me with an axe and a frustrated head,is,ultimately,me.Or,I could do a houdini,and just well,dissappear,before comments about how bad this article was(and rotten tomatoes) projectile towards me at the speed of NoOneCares-kmph!So,as I ninja around my place(I am afraid of the dark.Doesn't make me less awesome.),I'm typing this out real fast,because I think InCrisisRelief are doing a wonderful job,and that Kindness is true magic,and that my mind speeds up at night and how weird is that?and I should stop thinking out loud(or in print)..!I am drifting here,sleep beckons,so good night,Night Owls,sweet sweet dreams.If you have any stories about your crisis angels,I would be glad to hear from ya'll.Thanks for reading.
P.S:Heard One Direction's new single,"Steal My Girl",and oh I love it already!*pre-orders FOUR*I had thought that the magic is fading away,when here they are,with this new album,and they are hear to stay,alright?:"D (Don't judge me.Boy bands are cute.Somewhere deep down everyone loves 'em!)
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