Monday, 22 September 2014

A Day In The Life Of A Blogger

Disclaimer:We bloggers are not ExtraTerrestrials;but we tend to live awesome lives.
So,a day in the life of a blogger isn't all that different from their fellow readers.Well,that is only till blogger meets don't come into the picture!
Blogger meet?Well yeah,layman terms might explain it as a gathering of us obsessive compulsive individuals talking bout blogs,blogs and well,blogs.Sounds drab,aye?Rethink.
Now imagine this: The venue is an uptown nightclub,(The BlueFrog,in Mumbai),the sponsors are a popular web hosting company,the giveaways are some of the latest gadgets,the food is to die for,and the opening act is an indie band one can headbang to!No sir...this is no description of a party gone crazy.

  This,is a brief glimpse of the happenings of IndiBlogger's last blogger meet!Oh,and did I mention,the speakers were so amazing, that people actually came down from pune to watch em give gyaan!
A solid line-up of speakers,among which Snigdha manchanda(Story ninja fame),lakshmi Rebecca(from Chai with Lakshmi),krishna chepuri (The UnReal Times) and Sherry Shroff(Our favorite fashion blogger) were my personal favorites,is what made the meet informative,educational,and extremely useful!It wasn't just the Rock Band or Stand-Up Comedy(Which btw was howlarious,thanks to bhavish ailani),which made the meet awesome,as the speakers elaborated on every aspect of blogging-legal,monetary,creative,and what-have-you!
The event,which kicked off to an awesome start with the opening gig by our very own "blogger-cum-rockers", ended in a win-it-all extravaganza where precious prizes like Moto G and Moto X handsets were given away.(Needless to say,my luck din't work,or I would have been jumping about it all over the place,and yodelling from rooftops!)

  But the best part,wasnt the great food,the amazing speakers,the mesmerizing ambience,or the awesome music.It was this:We,as bloggers,are a very diminutive community.IndiBlogger has done a great job of bringing this community together,and meeting up fellow members of this close-knit community was the best part!!!!..

  Its 2 in the morning now,and this is sort of an impulsive article,written under that shroud of forgive me my faults..and if your interest is waning from the mundane awesomeness' of a bloggers life,let me tell you this:We win cash by merely saying a number..and we get to improve ourselves as well!

  Signing off now,half asleep already,and will have to recheck it all once I wake up!Till then,loads of love.Stay happy

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