Wednesday, 5 November 2014

worst day of my life!?

So it all began with a night-out gone crazy;(Or,craziER as nights-outs are as crazy as they come!).
I had vivas the day after,(for the layman,Vivas are that phase in an Engineers life where they are supposed to know everything,but infact,know nothing!).By God’s Grace and my absolute talent of bluffing,I had sailed through all my other vivas considerably well!With only the last of the horrors remaining,I decided to take it easy on myself.(Horrible mistake,I tell you)
One crazy night of extraordinary,stupid fun later,there I was:the day before the vivas,dozing off at 10 in the morning,trying to cram up Java concepts,with a heavy heavy heavy head!(Oh the fun we had!But,no,I’m not supposed to tell ya’ll about it,and I’m not supposed to stray,so,getting on with the topic,*wink wink*)Needless to say,in that sleep-deprived state,(we only managed to doze off for a few moments at 4:35 in the morning!Oh I love my friends),my mind could not,or rather would not take much in!All I achieved the day before the vivas,was to brush up some basics,and make some handy chits for copying the programs!(Yes,yes,I know its bad and immoral and shameful and the works:Copying!)
The day dawned with this uneasy squirming in my gut which I dutifully ignored.The first blow came when I got a call from a friend saying that I was running late,horribly late,and that my number was up,literally!(Mine is among the last of roll numbers,so I always turn up a bit late:But the examiners had had a change of mind that very day!Like I said:Worst day of my life!)I managed to get the situation under control by running in and well,bluffing my way out of the examiners dreaded questioning!That made me drop my guard a bit,have some fun,click a few selfies,climb parapets,and,well,joke around,a lot,which in turn,proved to be fatal(No exaggeration)We had to perform some programs as part of the Practical Examinations(Which I din’t know anything of,ofcourse),and I walked in with the false confidence I had gained during the vivas,and a handful of images on my phone(of the programs we were supposed to do!:Not proud of it,but one has to do what one has to,to survive).The papers were handed out,and I luckily got a seat as far away from the examiners as possible,so I could’ve copied in peace!Oh If only I could’ve!The question I got,turned out to be the only question I did not have on my phone!So,after a panic attack and disturbing my immediate neighbours for a while,I wrote(copied) a similar program.Which the teacher rejected,giving me the death-stare!Its funny how teachers who seem harmless otherwise turn into absolute monsters during vivas!
Two more programs,a million attempts to copy,more errors than the teacher could ever imagine,and a bit of rona-dhona later,there I was,staring blankly at the computer,when she finally snatched away my paper!I came out with a dismal face,just hoping she would somehow have the good grace of giving me passing marks,atleast.(Fingers crossed)In my defense,I was just beginning to type the program out(one more time),and it might’ve been right,this time around,and I could even have achieved an output(A mean feat,since the college PCs are ancient versions of what we now call computers,and are so delicate they crash at the slightest stress),and then,atleast I tried,there’s gotta be points for that!Failure is not something I have ever encountered,and I plan to continue that way,so my grouchy mood was a given!It took a lot of convincing(texts,phone calls,hugs and slaps,and screams:the works) by any and everyone of my friends to finally make me let it go,to let it rest and not screw up the entire day over it!Again,I love my friends,so.damn.much!Well.that and some icecream from gelato!Immediate mood-uplifter I tell you,and you wont argue!
So,this is how I go home,when Momma announces I need to accompany them all to some family function!When all I wanna do is curl up in bed and lament over my screw-up some more!Again,I had to oblige,and I did go,but only after going home,watching a few episodes of HIMYM on the run(Yes,Again),eating something,and accidentally leaving a tap open,somewhere in the house!Results:When I finally was beginning to unwind a little and enjoy a bit,I get a call from my kaku(who stays next door),that the house is flooded!I remember mumbling something to dad in a hurry and just bolting from there before mum could catch hold of me!God bless that auto-vallah who helped me reach home in record time:Only to see the entire place in ankle deep water!Could the day get any worse!??!Heavens,I hate the crappy engineering  or plumbing,or both,at my place which makes it flood at the slightest of mistakes!Also,the floor is tilted,I noticed!It was 10 o clock in the night,so my only hope of salvation was to scoop- literally scoop out the water,all of it!Back-breaking work,I kid you not!Two hours later,after seeing corners of my place I had’nt even seen before,and clearing up water which mysteriously managed to resurface somehow,with the help of my angel of an aunt,and some help from daada(God Bless them both!),I finally managed to dry up the entire house,just in time before the rest of my family arrived!
It sounds fun now,but It wasn’t,not then!Plus,mom almost bit my ear off,praising my carelessness,and then shouting at “that stupid phone of mine”(I was texting everyone about this major blooper,and whatsapp tends to make us real busy,doesnt it?)!Finally,when the stories were recounted an ample number of times,and I could type no more,and the battery ran out,I had to go sleep!Thats when I had this epiphany,of how copying is not going to work for me all the time,and how I need to suck it up and actually start studying,for the semester is almost over and my books haven’t even been properly opened yet!So,it wasn’t that bad a day afterall:kind of an eye-opener of sorts,for yours truly has resolved to STUDY (among other things) from now on!Lets see how that goes!
Thanks for reading,and happy studying to ya’ll too,or whatever it is that you do,just,you know:Peace!*weird spock gesture*
Stay Blessed.Hope I pass.I know I will.Hope that works.OkBye!
P.S:The climbing parapets thing is true..will explain in the next post I do!Hang on.*wink wink*

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