Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Thats me.
Why?Well,I’ve got my end of Semester exams coming up in two weeks(almost.),and these are probably the only Exams which are a big deal to us Engineers-to-be.
So,naturally,what one is expected to do,is to cram up on technical subjects by the truckload,and then,cram some more!
We even get a nice month-long vacation,aka Preparatory Leave,for the purpose!Needless to say,no one studies!(Well,except for the good people who do,and then help us poor mortals in our times of need.)Atleast I don’t.
And before you write this off as swag or some weird arrogance,let me clarify,that that is so not the case!I want to,oh I do.But there are a gazillion distractions waiting for my attention,and they all pounce upon me the moment I open a book.
Every day dawns with this countdown towards D-day,which is,incidentally the twentieth this month:only nine days left.(Gods!I almost abandoned this article in a panic attack,but came back to finish it the very next moment!Speak of distractions!)The countdown,is a very sobering,harsh reality check,which motivates,(tries to)me to do the one thing I should be doing right now:STUDY!
But then an hour passes by, deciding on which subject to pick up,as yours truly doesn’t know a single subject properly enough this time!*Again,panic attack!!!*
When I finally choose a subject,(Randomizing.Works every time!),the exhausting efforts have made me hungry,and that calls for a break!Breaks usually extend from lunches to nap times and then walks in the park and sometimes even to dinner-time!(Don’t even mention the sitcoms and silly conversations.They are an essential part of every social butterfly’s life!)
When I finally realize that breaks are supposed to be short,and that the literal meaning of study break is “a short interval of recreational time between long hours of knowledge assimilation!”,I finally get back to the Chosen Subject of the Day,only to be assaulted by this monstrous guilt trip over the time I wasted,am wasting,and will waste!I literally waste time obsessing over wasted time!Gosh!Exams can drive one crazy!
So,after 1% of studying,the clock strikes 12,and,Night Owl that I am,I seriously study.For an hour or two,tops.Among other things.(Checking social networking sites,Playing HayDay,writing poetryand stuff like that!)I kid you not when I say that these days,I feel like the writer in me is amped up on a huge six-pack of Tantrum(Refer HIMYM;p),with all the poetry,and prose that I’ve been churning out!No complaints there,for I love it,ofcourse,Thank God for my writing,Hallelujaah,but most of the time,I feel like Shia LaBeouf from Revenge Of The Fallen!Only difference,I see new poems in my head,instead of old cybertronian symbols!Getting it all down on paper is ofcourse a priority,which reduces my serious study-time even more!
I thought I was stuck in a rut,sleeping at 3 everyday,waking late the next morning,and doing nothing,so I even decided to liven things up a bit!Saw two movies this weekend!Thats normal,but not normal during PLs!I thought that maybe the added guilt will help me mature up a bit and finally start studying.Well,I was wrong.
So here I am,just another day of the countdown gone by,without any serious work on the study front!Only major achievement:I managed to ask all my friends the quintessential exam time question:”Kitna padha??!!”
Those who replied aren’t better off,and that is soothing,for “seeing another human being undergoing the same plight as ours is always better than enduring it all alone,and is found to impart great moral strength!”It is who we are as humans!(ignore the philosophical talk:#InterstellarEffect.)Those who did not reply,well now we know how they manage to score all those marks!
I need to end this on a positive note,so,and I believe this 100%,the universe always gives you what you really want!What I really really want at this point of time,is to preserve my purrfect li’l 8-pointer,and so I will!Don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from me for a long long long time.(A month.I can’t leave you lovelies for long now can I?)This might sound crazy,or like a Note To Self,but this is the time which will matter the most,academics-wise,so I have to make it all count!
If you are an Engineering student,I know you can relate.Just,keep those phones aside and study,for I gotta do the same thing,and:same plight,human tendencies yada yada yada!Happy Studying!
Thanks for reading this,and for all the love and appreciation I’ve recieved for the poems as well (They are here: http://uncivilizedsophistication.wordpress.com ,in case you haven’t seen ‘em yet.)Ya’ll are the best.Many thanks,and much love.
Stay Blessed.
P.s:Did I mention how we all(all of the other engineer-kids who’ll soon embark on perilous journeys) are going to ace our exams and stay All Clear and get great pointers?!Guess I did,.Believe it.We are.Rainbows and butterflies people.That’s what life is!Life’s all rainbows and butterflies,despite the occasional dirt storm,so yess,We Can!Okay,I seriously need to staahp.Like,right now.So,goodbye
And yes,Believe!

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