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In Memoriam!

This post is my entry for 'My College Diary' contest held by travel blog My Yatra Diary in collaboration with
College:Its been three years since I joined this institution of teenage aspirations,which has seen it all:loads of lives made,millions of hearts bound together,forever,a million others broken!My course gives me the great advantage of staying in college for six years(Two junior college years included.)It's just been three years,but it feels like a lifetime ago,when I first stepped foot on the threshold of junior college!Now,at the risk of sounding cliché,and the hopeless romantic that I am,I would say that college is a place one won't mind staying in,forever!(Academic repurcussions aside,ofcourse.)So,when I came across this contest on,I decided to give it a go.
As you would've correctly guessed,or know,if you know me,my college life has been a riot!Of fun,of happy memories,of color and emotions,and of priceless people!Its been a glorious three years,and the best is yet to come.And like my favorite protagonist of all-time,Mr.Gus Waters says,"It's a roller coaster ride that only goes up,my friend!"College life,has been,this incredible journey,which is so difficult to put up in words a second time.(Yeah,let me explain that:I'd penned down this beautiful little article,2000+ words only,and it was all ready to be published,complete with images and links,when this glitch occured in my WordPress app,and deleted it all!So,writing this through a haze of tears,and hoping against hope this one turns up as good as the original one!)
As I sit down to pen this one down,for the first time in forever,I am at a loss for words!Where to begin?!!Should I begin from the first day of junior college,when no one knew anyone else?Or should I just begin at the day I left junior college,with 500 new people in my life?Some of these 500 have now become an irrepleceable part of life as I know it now.It's amazing how college gives one the opportunity to know all these people:acquaintances,friends,and more:and with every person comes a treasure trove of memories!Come engineering college,the deal had changed.I knew most of the people already,courtesy coaching classes,and junior college,and the seniors at Atharva are so amazing,they just take you in as their own,no kidding!So,after a million bunks,thousands of hangouts,and a gazillion different memories,(okay,yes.I'm speaking in hyperbole here,but then dont we all have that special place in our heart reserved for such goofyness?),when I finally get around to actually writing about it,here are the things that come to mind right now:
1.Adu's bappa:
Adu is the guy whose place has almost become a regular rendezvous spot for all of us.Every year,the entire group gets together during Ganpati's,no excuses accepted,and it's like old times all over again!Can't thank adu enough for keeping the group together like he has!It's like we never went our seperate ways!And its so amazing to be with the same old people who were there from the beginning,before everyone left junior college and got their own careers!You can see,not a thing has changed,since the first time we went to adu's,back in 2011,I guess,and this years pictures!:")

2.The bunks,The acting,The excuses:
I have a knack of turning up late for class(atleast the one's I attended)and then coming up with the most innovative excuses ever thought of!The look on everyone's face when the teachers buys the excuse,is priceless!I remember telling a professor once that my bus had accidentally swerved into a Swift,and the row that ensued was the reason I was late!He bought it.But no one else believed me:(*poker face*The seniors are also saviours in disguise,as you can rely upon them to come and extricate you out of a particularly boring class for some "work",which never tends to get over before the lecture does!This helps a lot when there are no ongoing festivals in college,which,in itself is a rare occurence!There's this especially memorable incident when kranti rescued me from a lecture by telling the prof that she was my cousin and the keys to her place were at mine,and so,we both had to go,pronto!Since then,along with bff's and soul sisters and whatnots,we are cousins as well!>_
3.The food.
I am ever so grateful about how my body remains in purrfect shape even after I eat like a horse,all the time!The Gods Are Good!And food tastes all the way better when you are not supposed to be eating it,like at three a.m in the morning,or with friends,bunking lectures!Especially when its chocolates,or chicken,or all things "unhealthy!"

4.The crushes!
The numerous crushes,infatuations,some heartbreaks,the happy times!There's two and a half years to go,and these could fill an entire storybook!All the staring,the getting addicted to people,pestering my guy friends about the current concern,botherinh girl friends about how "adorable" he is,in the middle of the night,the numerous conversations,those tears:of joy and pain alike,the disappointments,and the expectations!Giving gyaan to infatuated girl friends,and yhen arguing that the same logic doesng apply to me when my sappy li'l head is lolling side to side,drooling over mr.CurrentCrush!-Oh to be young and in love!It sometimes feels like heaven,and hurts as hell sometimes,but looking back,I know these are going to be some of the best memories of college life!
5.The festivals!
My college is a place where there are festivals happening,almost 90% of the time!Oh,the fun we've had in all of those!Plus,there are memories of countless other festivals:AutoExpos,ComicCons,Debates,all of the KGAF's we've been to!College life is a never ending fun fair!Speaking of,how can I forget to mention the Atharvacha Raja here? Atharvacha Raja.Read about it in my article, for it seriously is awesomesauce!Also,festivals reminds me of my latest visit to Mt.Mary's,durng the funfair.Khush made me ride this humongous giant wheel,and I'd never been more afraid!The rickety caskets almost got me,and you can see how I'm holding on for dear life as the guys all laugh at me.Yess!I'm afraid of rickety giant wheels.I'm a kid.accepted.Now dont scoff!

5.The books,The Movies,The music,and more!
I always have a paperback in my rucksack.Always.Call me a bookworm,or whatever,but Reading has been an integral part of life around campus.And my lovelies know that,what with all the amazing books they've gifted me over the years!(lovelies includes Daddy dearest,by the way,who gifted me the entire Game Of Thrones boxset,this ThanksGiving!Christmas has arrived early this year:)))),and,my dad is a superhero!*_*)

All the movies we've watched:some brilliant ones,some crazy ones which could be sat through only because of the fabulous
company I had,and a few ugly incidents of me rushing the fabulous company out,because we couldnt take it anymore!(Ughh.Grand Masti Debacle:we left after interval!),and the sitcoms and series I've gotten addicted to:I would be 70 and still be watching re-runs of That 70's Show and HIMYM and F.R.I.E.N.D.S,and remenisce about the good old college days when I first saw em!Also,the amount of music one listens to rises exponentially during college!Huge Thanks to all the artists yonder in the west,and a few fabulous ones closer home.Cheers!

6.The Insomnia!and the Sleep-all-day phases!:
All nighters with your friends are sometimes the most amazing days,ever!Nightouts are heaven,with all the crazy humor,drama and never-ending fun.But all-nighters for academic reasons are a continent apart from the ones mentioned earlier!Those are the times which make me realize the importance of caffeine,a.k.a,coffee,RedBull,and all such aerated drinks!On the other hand,there are the aforementioned "sleep-all-day-phases",when all you want to do,is take another nap again,just after you wake up from one!Unfortunately,these occur only during examinations!
7.The studies.
Like it or not,studies are an integral part of college life.Gratefully,I've always been thankful for getting through,always,sometimes admirably,and sometimes,barely!Exams are the times when the student fraternity rallies around each other,taking every stray into its folds,as we determinedly march our way towards the enticing reward that "passing" is!

8.The "forever-and-always-wala- pyaar"
Yes,you read it right.Accuse me of being cheesy,and I acquiesce,gladly.For these lovely munchkins have seen it all:The kiddish stubbornness,the egoistic stuck-up phases,the philosophy guru phases,the tantrums and the emotions going berserk,the panic attacks,and the infatuations!We've had our share of fights as well,no denying that,and I've endured week-long silences where all we wanted to do was text each other about the latest piece of gossip!!!But after all the silly misunderstandings,the baseless temper tantrums,and crazy fall-outs,we've always made it up in the end,with the forever-and-always wala pyaar intact!These people have never let me go through a box of tissues,or a box of ferrero Rocher either,alone!You peepz know I love you so much,it overwhelms me sometimes!It is overwhelming,I kid you not,to have all these people for you.They've been there,through it all,and I know they will always be there!And these are just college friends;if I get started about the others,this article might never end!
It hasn't been all-smiles always.It never is.I've had my fair share of downs and lows:insecurities,and dissapointments and emotional outbreaks,but when I look back at it all,all these faces lit with the most brilliant of smiles come to mind,bringing one to my face instantly!

This is what "My college diaries:volume 1" looks like to me,equal parts of awesomeness,emotions,and fun.It's a heady mix,and the party,is just getting started!I've got two more years of this amazing phase of my life,and I plan to live em out with the awesomeness they will surely prove out to be!Thanks a lot Aarti,for making me relive the first half of my college life,for bringing forth all those beautiful memories!Shukriya jee.Big hugs.
I'd further like these lovelies to share their college memories with the world:
Yash Shah
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P.s:I've gone berserk with names up here,even though half of you guys will never know these awesome souls,but bear with me pretty please.Thanks for reading it all.I'm sure you have some pretty memories of your own.Share them here: Penning this down for the second time around,I am overwhelmed by all the awesome memories I'll treasure forever.and A bit sad,because the earlier article which got lost in the virtual ocean of information that the internet is,had taken up a special place!I got it all covered,though,the second time around.Atleast I hope so.Going back to being holed up at home,studying!So,adios amigos.

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