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1989 A Review

I know,I know,Its way too late for an album review,considering this one is one heck of a success all over the globe,and one of my personal favorites of all time.I’ve been meaning to write this one for a while,but,well,when you have exams,no other excuse is needed!So,today,I figured out,I might as well write it today,on her 25th birthday.(Yes.Its still her birthday in some parts of the world;At the time of writing;so,what if I missed the 13th?Its 13december right now,somewhere,isnt it?) So,enough blabbering,let me get down to business now:Here’s what I thought of the songs on 1989.

Blank Space

Undeniably the best one on this album,this one has killer lyrics!Simple,yet,amazing.Like,”Darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream!”Who thinks of it that way eh?!Pretty.Even though Taylor has made a complete transition from Country to Pop,with 1989,this one still reminds me of the Classic Taylor Swift,with a hint of swag in it!The music,ofcourse,is catchy and the track gets you humming it along with her in no time.No wonder its at the top of all the charts!

I know Places

The beginning reminds me of Lorde,and the song feels like something a happy Lorde would do!(Ladder song is something a gloomy Lorde would do.Love that one,but I had to give the example,for comparison.)Again,her voice,adapts so well to the genre,and,again,the lyrics stand out.With a Taylor Swift song,they always do,and there’s always a line or two you would never ever forgst,so that’s a given.


Relatable as ever,Taylor tells the story of a girl recovering from a relationship gone sour.Some will say,typical Taylor.Agreed.It is in league with Begin Again,and The Last Time.The background music is soothing,and just the right pitch,which lets the vocals work their magic,and it leaves an impression.(You’d say,”thats what the background score is supposed to do,isn’t it?”,but this one blends in so well,that I had to take the risk of sounding stupid to mention it.)

Bad Blood.

Bad Blood.Well,I can’t say I love it,but,what’s not to like?Taylor seems like one of the many songstresses who sing clich├ęd teenage emotions to amazing beats.”Bandaids don’t fix bullet-holes”-An example of the way the lyrics are pretty obvious,but profound at the same time.Like I said,teenage emotions!


The music is something which would have you dancing,or atleast nodding heads and tapping feet in tune with the rhythm.Never goes out of style.

Welcome To New York

Given her recent move from Nashville to New York,this one sounds more personal to me,than a mere portrayal of some strong universal emotion.(Well,as far as taylors songs go,it’s all personal,but it never ceases to be relatable does it?)Loved the beats.

How You Get The Girl

Again,music with an upbeat tempo.The way she has sung it reminds me of some of her other songs.The lyrics,again,are something guys all over the world should pay attention to!

Shake It Off!

What can I say about this one?Everytime I hear,and sing along to,this song,I’m amazed at the change in her,from the Love Story and Mine days!No wonder it’s a chartbuster.


I am partial to this song,just as I’m to Blank Space,and This Love,and You are in Love!It has everything:The vocal variations,the story,the pretty lyrics,and the proper beats. A perfect Pop song,it reminds us of avril,and katy,and even ri-ri and selena at times,but has that signature Taylor Swift feelings to it!Loved.It.
Especially,the last para of the song,which has it all.Also,I love the way she finishes off the “Wonderlaaaand” in the end.

You Are In Love

If you are,or if you think you might be,then this one is the song for you!Taylor has made a masterpiece in this one!It’s so adorable,that I actually drop my critic-facade for a moment to fangirl and go all teary-eyed on the song.The way it builds up,from the first seconds,to the very end,is perfect.Many a girl would have this one on an infinite loop on her phone!

New Romantics

Ir brings out the fun,rebellious side of Taylor we earlier saw in 22.This one reminds me of Britney,or Katy Perry,with the upbeat tempo.And wjen Taylor says “Heartbreak is the national anthem”,we know we’ll sing it along,no matter what.The slow manner in which she pleads to be taken dancing and left stranded there,is a nice flourish.

Wildest Dreams.

Wildest dreams,is a treasure if one values a good storyline.and Taylors voice!”Say you’ll remember me…’
This Love,Clean
I can be prejudiced,and This Love is my personal favorite!Those hauntingly beautiful lyrics,that tempo,and that voice!Perfect combination!I could say the same for Clean,and rant about how relatable it was,a few months ago,but I’d be letting on more than I should,so,wink wink.It suffices to say that these two,along with Blank Space and Wonderland,are the best!
Stay,Out of the Woods
These are the post transition songs,all beats and rhythms and foot tappings!
So,yeah,believe it or not,I finally got through describing all of the songs on the album!Phewwww!You didnt think I’d go all the way,did you?Even I didnt.Track by Track analysis is nobody’s style,but then,you are reading a fangirl’s evaluation,not a critic’s,so you might even be thinking that this was supposed to be more extreme than it already is,if you have had the Ultimate Fangirls Experience.(Mediocre,I know,but,who’s judging?Peace!)
In my opinion,Taylor has grown up,really grown up(Not just physically,ofcourse,duh.)over the course of Red,and that shows,in 1989!From the lovestruck teenager in the last decade,she has transformed into this chic 25 year old woman with an amazing attitude towards it all.When that is portrayed into the songs,like it always is,in her case,it provides this huge amount of inspiration,for the millions of impressionable viewers and listeners all across the world who absolutely adore her,and look up to her.And,Taylor never dissappoints!Promotional tactics aside,she’s this sweet li’l thing to all her fans,and she does it without any obligation to do so!Its a simple thing to be good to everyone,but it has become all the more precious because so very few do it!Thanks Taylor,for that amazing voice,for the songs that had me relating to every word of ‘em,for the ones that got me through certain phases and the others that ruled my heart during certain other phases(You get the picture.)!God bless,Keep Singing.
Now,for my precious readers,who went through this entire monologue without any complaints(hope you did;))-Thanks.Heartfelt Thanks!Its been ages since I’ve written anything substantial,and this was the first article I’ve even given a thought to,in weeks.Reason:Examinations:(
I need to keep writing though,it feels odd if I dont.And it’s all of you that keep me going,with the feedback,the responses and ths comments!Keep ‘em coming.Blessed to have you all:)
God bless.Happy December!
P.s:Did I mention that I love Taylor Swift?!Hahaha,don’t worry,I’m not getting started again!Cheers:)

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