Sunday, 22 June 2014

Technology That Empowers Me

After 90 minutes of absurdly beautiful,(some may call it witty,others,wicked)defense,the game was tied at nill-all,that fine day in brazil.Extra time begins,and there comes leo messi in all his glory,breaching the iran defence as they had done a number of times before;only failing to convert shots into successful conquests,and the only question is:will he outwit haghighi one time?!With bated breath and crossed fingers,football fans all around the globe watched the moment;next moment: pandemonium arose in a single uproar:GOALLLL,amid cries of dismay and glee alike,the slogan #WeAreOne resounded loud and true,as my beautiful game reunited people all around the globe,yet again!

        Well,technology that empowers me:that’s what I am talking about today(writing,rather).One might think what yesterdays fabulous Iran –Argentina clash had to do with it,but  the joy it provided to millions(and disbelief and disappointment to the Iran fans,offcourse;they did step up well),would not have been possible but for the amazing technological advantages that we have now,which help us watch the matches from the comfort of our couch,in real-time!(Now that’s not exactly working out for us Asian fans,but,apart from the black ,droopy eyes and sleeping at work,we ain’t complaining!)Even in the matches,the goal line technology is proving to be a boon.Not just football,technology has helped in almost each and every sport,making it undeniably better!Now,how does that empower me? Well, cutting edge sports technology doesn’t,actually!Nor do high end sports cars or science fiction stuff like Glass,or robots,not now atleast,but it’s a pleasure to ogle at,anyways!We all love a bit of sci-fi action,a world so beautifully futuristic (AWESOMEs the word),yet attainable,very much possible to own for ourselves in say,the next decade or two!If you don’t,just wait for Friday,grab a coupla tickets to Transformers:Age of Extinction(couple of them because you ain’t likely to shut up about the tech after,and it would be a favor to others who haven’t  seen it yet!),and then we’ll talk.

    For technology that empowers me, I could cite a million different examples(Well not really, but one can only exaggerate so much!)It can be the simple alarm app which won’t shut up until I perform the stupid tasks it sets me to,or it could be as complex and innovative as siri or cortana,”my personal assistant”!It could be the brilliant HD selfies for people who consider the number of likes on social networking sites as a measure of popularity,or it could be the maps and weather apps that guide many a weary traveler to the comfort of an homely inn!It could be the tablets and PCs of business professionals,those number scrunching,never-complaining assistants  who make the days of many a haggled accountant invariably easy!But this ain’t empowerment in the true sense of the word is it?This is more of an easy dependence,a habit which cannot be kicked off!Well,you could call it empowerment when these technological inventions help a million of us engineers(IT fields and otherwise) to earn our bread & butter!

   Okay,so I suppose now we have reached that point where you are getting that “Aye,what crap is this?Am I reading a particularly witty highschool essay(thanks;)) or a blogpost?” expression,so beloved readers,straighten up those pretty faces,and read on!I have a fair bet that you have already guessed what  I’m gonna talk about next,technology that empowers me ofcourse  (Na Na no rotten tomatoes or shoes at me please,can’t a writer even fool around for a bit with her own people?)Okay.Its this:The blog,yes.This is the the one thing that really empowers me!I can do a million things here:voice my opinions,rant at the top of my lungs(not really),try the kind of stupid humor like the stuff above,get back at people in a not-unlike-Taylor-swift kinda way(only difference:she writes things that rhyme,me,I am more of a sarcasm person!),post pictures,express myself as a teen(which,in itself is kinda rare in our hindustaan!),get the appreciation and love of readers(Oh I love ya all for that),and the criticisms and comments as well(“Get  a purpose””You are kinda getting off track here(a blog doesn’t have a track bud,as far as I know)"”You will get better:someday”and “Your effing blog sucks bitch!(Thanking the old gods and new I haven’t got that one yet!)),I love you sweetlings as well,thanks,you help make it better!

                      It all began a year ago,and today “Expressions”has become an integral part of my heart!That sense of pride and love I feel when someone walks to me out of the blue in public  places and appreciates the blog,has been the same amazing feeling I first experienced an year ago,even today,and I know it will continue to be so,even in the years to come!Not bragging or something,but this did happen to me!It is said that “what you give,you get back”,but that is so not true in this case!In return for a few hours of furiously tapping away on my laptop,this virtual space on the internet has given me exponentially in return!For me,this is empowerment,this is the technology I love best,the one that has changed the perception of “me” in myself,from “just  another awkward teen” to a “developed human intellectual,a budding writer,a person confident enough to bare her innermost thoughts to the world(however stupid,cheesy or plain pointless they maybe!)”.That surge of inspiration when I get a new idea for a blogpost,that feeling of commitment and concentration when I actually sit down to write one of these,that sense of quiet pride and accomplishment when I publish them,they are all beautiful emotions which can’t be explained in words!People ask me why I write.To that,I have never managed to come up with a materialistic answer yet,and I highly doubt I ever will.That deeply personal and enduring  feeling of creating something,something which will last,in this fickle world,something which is your own in all entirety(ofcourse there are influences,both social and psychological,but I am only human!)is one that can convert an absolutely low day to a definite high!And anything that can do that,is absolutely the most powerful,magical talisman of “empowerment” I have at the moment! I wouldn’t know where to direct my gratitude to-it might be the people who came up with the idea of weblogs,google for giving me a website,a teeny bit to myself for thinking these things up,my brain ofcourse,it could be doing a million other things,but its doing that one thing that matters the most:functioning properly;and ofcourse you me amigo,you peering down at your cell phone or squinting at your PC screen,giving a few minutes of your precious time to read this!Most of all,to you readers,you make me want to write as much as my erratic temperament does!Thanks,from the core of my heart,Thank you all!

P.S:Speaking of empowerment,watching the latest episodes of Game Of Thrones on torrents when others haven’t!How intoxicatingly powerful  does that make you feel aye,armed with a truckload of spoilers for the not-so-privileged others?!:)I sure am gonna miss that high,for the next ten months!So long,so good!Thanks for reading,once again,have a great day!

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