Tuesday, 24 June 2014

One of the boys.

  She hops and jumps into a room,opposed to gliding in gracefully.She is not your regular blondie,she is actually smart,for a change.Given the chance,she might even show you that she is actually a lot smarter than you,if she cares to!She wears no (or minimal amounts of)make-up,doesnt squeal at the sight of every insect on the planet,doesnt cry over stupid things,and is not the prettiest,daintiest of them all!She actually gets all of your dirty jokes,she has the dirtiest mind of them all,and the girls look at her in that weird way,gossiping among themselves like hens!She is irrationally loud,doesnt care about appearances,and knows everything there is to know about everything!Beware if you get into an argument about even the most boyish of things(sports,say),she might as well give you a run for your money!She knows not just the hotties of the sport,but also the techniques and trivias of the game.
  Aye sir,she is what other girls call a bit "tomboyish".Well.she isn't actually afraid to be "one of the boys"!(Hence,the title)Yes,she grew up with boys,maybe,or maybe she's just not that into the phoney,"girly" (no offence meant) lives of the other girls..she behaves in her own erratic way,acting first and thinking later.Sarcasm and wits are her accessories,and she flaunts them at will.Every once in a while,she falls for a guy,random guy,or maybe her best friend,or some girlfriend's brother;and she is not the bitchy types who would ditch you if they were pursued by hotter guys.She really likes him,but he thinks of her as just another bro,a comrade in mischief,and she pines all along,all the way.No one ever stops to think that this bindaas girl,might be the most delicate of them all..might be the cheesiest romantic they ever will meet...might be the most passionate and loving of then all!Her friends advise her to "Girly up,sweety!"She tries to,but she is smarter than half the guys out there,and the other half is too smart for their own good,those pompous jerks who think they deserve supermodels for all their smartness!She outranks them all in low self-esteem though;she needs someone to tell her how awesome she is,every once in a while!(Not in a vain "Mirror who's the fairest of them all?"way but more of a kind-reassurance);but there's no one to do that for her,most of the time.And so she always stays behind the scenes,alone but not lonely,waiting for someone,for all she needs is somebody to love!
  Girls,if you think you belong to that precious kind I just described,despair not mi lady,for the world IS as you believe it to be!Dont tone down that wild streak of yours,dont try to become someone you are not,dont tame that naughty,spirited beauty of yours!For he is coming,the one you have waited for all your life,and he will fall for you;not all the other beauties around,but plain ole you.For once,you will be THE one,not the third wheel,and this time it will be for keeps!And trust me,he is going to love you for who you are:that wild streak,the natural beauty,the cool "I-dont-give-a-fudge" attitude!The way you like to run around and climb and shout and play instead of just others sitting around worrying about their pretty dresses and elegant hairdo's!Then,it would be way better than all the bimbo-jock relationships you see everywhere around you,and nowhere near as phoney as theirs!Guys,look around,open your eyes,for if you fail to notice her while you are busy chasing away the sexy queen bees,you might just miss out on the truest and fiercest love you might ever get!For there are two things in the world you never have to chase:true friends and true love!
P.S:I was looking at my last one and i was like:"Ohh God!Thats So BIGGG!"(article,focus.)So this one is purposefully trimmed,so that you might finish this one in a go!Also suggest a better title if you may.>_< For those who want me to get a purpose,trust me dearies,am on it.This is just a li'l something I punched out because I couldn't sleep!Thanks for reading,adios.Have a great day.

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