Thursday, 12 June 2014


Ahh I know I know,everyone knows it rained today(yesterday?) and my dear readers would be fed up of monsoon statuses and fb-updates and what-nots..but read on...not because it is anything unique,ain't gonna be revealing any secrets or stuff,but just do..hope it will make you feel as good as it made me.
   After a sweltering summer,with temperatures reaching new highs everyday,and the examinations going on(double-trouble,yeah) it finally rained!;and what timing!What impeccable timing I say,just when we could take it no more,it rains on the day the exams end!Beautiful coincidence,aye?(Maybe,it's not,but well I am happy..and you know me,so erm that explains it!)The day began with vicious winds clawing at... everything,basically.People feared sandstorms.I wished for rain(I guess everyone did),but nope,it doesnt rain,and half the day is gone.we finished our ordeal,which makes me particularly happy,hahhahhh flabbity jabbity jap(Ohh excuse me once again,but when you finally get your vacations when everyone else is getting back to work,the feeling is "flabbity jabbity"indescribable!)Coming back to the topic,it did not rain.People went on with their party plans and outings,secretly wishing that rain would play spoilsport.But it did not rain!
  Finallly,when the kids returned to their nests,all tired to the bone,the wind starts blowing!I ran to the nearest window I could run to without knocking stuff over(by stuff I mean a lot of stuff,laptop,bag,books,soft toys(yes,soft toys!I still wuv em),but come on,your room's a mess too!)So,I yanked open the window and ohhh sweeet heavens,"It's RAINING!!!!",I screamed,although,it was a pretty obvious fact,obviously!Such is the joy of first rains!It drives you crazy with happiness.It makes you feel all goofy and mushy inside.It turns men into poets,women into graceful dancers,kids into stupid drench-balls!It makes you write all sorts of things on your blog!(yeahh...thats what this is,don't blame me if you dont like this one.Blame the joy of first rains)Forgot to mention that heavenly smell of drizzled earth,yea,remember it?That one.Makes you feel its all good and warm in the world!Only one complain though,I couldnt go be a stupid kid out in the rains today:mum wouldn't let me!Gaah,sometimes I wish I was a tree instead!(On second thoughts,no,lightning strikes trees,or so I have heard,so might as well just be plain ole me:p)
 I could go on,but I have got better things to do,like watching the rain,or the match,and you would also like me to stop the jibber-jabber.So,thanks friend,mate,buddy,amigo for bearing with all the stupidity up there and actually liking some of it(I hope you did ehhe;p)Have a good day,happy monsoons!Hope its raining there(or whatever else you consider pleasant weather!)
On the side:Fifa fever is all this month's about,enjoy!Ohh and before I forget,watch tom cruise starrer "Edge Of Tomorrow" atleast once,it's "source cod-ish"(the movie duh!) and a bit frustrating in the beginning,but it sure gets a grip on you by the interval,and then you are hooked!
Thanks for reading,stay blessed!Comments and criticism always welcome,lemme know if you find something worth rectifying;reason:notice the timestamp below;)
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