Friday, 6 June 2014

One down,Three to go!

  It's been a year!
Kinda strange to begin with such a statement,I know,especially in the middle of june!Yes,its been a year though,exactly an year ago(well not exactly but you know...blame the long and tedious admission processes for that!),yours truly started on this journey people called ENGINEERING.
 Today,two semesters,a handful of subjects,a bit more wits,a billion experiences and a gazillion coffee cups later,here I am!I must admit the year(academic) hadn't begun to my liking(it never does unless you are sarthak malhotra,(agarwal,sorry)no offense dude,well done!)!
that's another story though;After making friends in my new institution,and acquaintances too,by the truckload,won't be exaggerating if I say that we hardly make two real friends to every dozen acquaintances we make!Pardon me,I am drifting off topic here,but when you watch season four of Game of Thrones dusk till dawn,you do get a bit groggy,and well,whats-the-word-for-it, not-focused!speaking of,I wont shut up about westeros and meereen and bravos and yungkhai if I got started,so it's best to not let me get started on it!Pardon the writing skills if they seem a bit off-color too,it has been a while,and they are a bit rusty!
 So,back to the topic,as I said earlier,the year did not begin as I wanted it to,and they seldom do.If they did go as we wanted them to,we would want other things,better things from the years!#HumanMinds Well,I for one,am the panicky kinds,thought the year would never end,that things would have to be changed(by things i meant my immediate surroundings)but kaboom!they did change on their own.Things do change for the better,they always do,never forget that!
Looking back,it turned out to be one heck of a year!I made new friends,learnt to tell a backstabber from a person who'll always have your back,forged some bonds that would last a lifetime!I learnt a lot of things(nothing technical or remotely engineering related that I didn't already know,I assure you,not yet),a lot of new interests,new ways to copy notes,new ways to finish last minute assignments,new disciplines.All in all,It was what I would call a good year,and I hope,nay,I know that the remaining three will be atleast as good,if not better,as well!And I am saying this after surviving two entire semesters unscathed,that means a eight hours of college,almost the same number of hours devoted to fun,last minute learning,referring blueprints to get the passing combination right,copying assignments by the bucketload,attending three hours of classes after college and what-nots!
  No,this isn't bragging.I am a modest person,by all means(dont smirk.I am.)The 12th grade results came out a week ago,and unlike last year,when many scored average marks,and a few scored low,I hear the situation is a vice-versa.So this one was just for all of you out not panick.Despair not,for however difficult the situation might seem,it always ends up better and a lot brighter a year later.This is not mere talk,but experience speaking,so keep calm and watch the brazuca!For my friends who did not have to face the boards ordeal this year,well it would always do us a lot of good to take a trip down memory lane,and cheer for the successful year we have had!adios..take care,keep smiling.
P.S:I really am sleepy right now and cant really distinguish my A's from my Q's.I do not know what sudden burst of inspiration compelled me to write this one,but its an obsessive-compulsive thing,so just had to write it out!comments and criticisms welcome,tell me if you spot any mistakes,would be ever so grateful for that!Thanks for reading,have a good day:)

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