Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Ye nayi league kya hain???

As  I was surfing the World Wide Net in search of amusing stuff, which is pretty much the natural state of being, of almost every student on preparatory leave,  I came across this site:
The videos of kapil Dev standing in front of the camera and talking into it appealed to the eye, and got me wondering what this “nayi league” was all about! Kya hain yeh nayi league??!!! With the Indian Premier League going on, league almost always bring to you an instant image of a cricket field. So my first presumption was that this might be a new addition to the cricket tournaments that keep happening in India. Kapil being a great cricketing personality, this seemed legit enough. Only till I saw the videos.
The first video I saw showed Kapil sir addressing Dhoni, advising him not to retire, and sharing anecdotes from his own professional life. The video ended with him inviting dhoni over, to play his “nayi league”, and even challenging him that it will be a hit wicket or a googly! Next came the video where he talked about Saniya, and then about sports and money in general. The last, and the most amusing one, was where he addressed “bittu”, which, I presume, is comedian kapil Sharma, and asking him to play the league, repeating the “hit wicket” tagline yet again.
After shrouding the entire concept in a sufficient amount of mystery, kapil sir invites us to follow him on twitter where he will reveal the concept of his “nayi league”. Prizes are promised for the best guesses, and so I decided to go give it a try. (ofcourse, who would NOT want prizes worth rupees 1 lakh, AND a chance to interact with the legend himself?)Even you could give it a try, and send in your guesses at the above mentioned website. Best luckJ
I presume, from the involvement of sports, Dhoni, Saniya and kapil: which is basically almost half the entertainment in our nation: TV and cricket, that this might be a reality show with a funny twist to it. This would explain Kapil Sharma’s mention in the videos. I had earlier thought that the show might involve cricketeers playing along, because of the obvious Dhoni reference, and because of Kapil Dev’s presence. That analysis however was off the mark, I feel, as he mentions Saniya as well. So basically this new league might be a reality show where sportspersons participate (or maybe even judge, although that wouldn’t be my first guess), in fun filled activities (which honestly could range anywhere between quizzes to wacky games, or worse) to earn cash prizes.
I hope this turns out to be the right answer, so that I can bask in the glory of my superb deduction capabilities!
Thanks for reading, keep guessing!
Loads of love and good vibes :)

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