Sunday, 9 August 2015


I write after ages,not because I haven’t had the urge or intention to do so,but because I couldn’t summon the energy to do so,after busy days that eventually ended in me falling straight in bed,only to wake up to face another,busier day!
Right now, I try to lure my mind into the much eluded state of relaxation that it so *whats-the-word* needs, (yeah,that would happen,its 2 am in the morning,and I have had a bad Sunday. Pardon me for forgetting words,and also for being a little rusty.) ,with the help of some beautiful music:MTV unplugged, Coldplay, Sinatra, Opeth,and what have you!
If this were a life update,I would tell you all about how life has become busier than ever,ever since I was elected as the Marketing Head for our college festival, and how I didn’t get the time to even enjoy that feeling of completing one half of my engineering course successfully,with a pointer that I can manage to call “respectable”. This is not a life update though,so you will have to wait for another one of these for that.Now,before you get bored and move on to another website,let me begin with the thought that led me to write this,in the first place!
So,it all began with a text message.(“So very cliche”, you would say, to which I’d reply with a humble “Bear with me!”). I received a text message from a person who no longer is a part of my life,due to unforeseen circumstances,but was once my best friend!Speaking of best friends,I call myself lucky to have more than a handful of those:each very uniquely special in their own way,each holding a unique place in my heart.Even if this is the case,I am guilty of wondering about the existence of said best friends.(No,don’t get me wrong.I would never doubt the love)Life is funny.It puts you with like minded people,who then gradually make it in,from the outer circle of mere acquaintances, to the inner,more personal circle of “close friends”.These close friends then occupy an important place in our lives,sharing secrets,knowing ours,making fun,helping and demanding help,and creating a place for themselves on our desks,in our homes,hearts,bills and social media updates!Just when everything is hunky-dory though,life intervenes,and we are forced to go our separate ways:career choices differ,colleges vary,classes change,parents move,offices shift!
The people you once called your best friends now linger on the edges of your life,becoming nothing but lovely people you share memories and awkward,limited conversations with.They find new friends,you find another circle of acquaintances to gather into your fold,and life,as they always say, GOES ON!Only to repeat the same vicious cycle again,a year or two later,when you are at the crossroads,yet again!All this makes me wonder if friendship is just another illusion that Time creates.You spend all your time in college with that girl you met in class during orientation.On convocation day,you both are patchwork souls,reflections of each other,their traits unknowingly slipping into your personality and vice versa, sobbing into their arms because you are going to miss your “best friend”. Surprisingly though,two years later,when you run into them at the supermarket or a theater,you summon all the joy you can,and ask your group of friends to excuse you for a moment,while they awkwardly do the same,only to exchange awkward one armed hugs and pleasantries!
This bitter truth doesn’t seem to apply to a certain class of goofballs though,the ones I can call my “best friends” with a nonchalant,assured air about the whole thing!This post is to applaud,thank,love appreciate and *add another bunch of adjectives here* all those who still are,and always will be those hooligans with whom you really can be yourselves,devoid of airs of civility,and manners and all those norms of behavior in public!They say that one meets a lot of temporary people during ages 16 to 22.I aim to prove this wrong,because I have been blessed with some lovely lovely people during these years!This is the only reason why some of my friends receive random texts saying “boom” or “bhrr” at odd unexpected moments,after intervals of silence that sometimes span months!I am busy,but I want to stick around in their life,and have them around in mine!If you are reading this,and you are one of those special people who have the privilege of being annoyed/overwhelmed by my random conversations-those efforts to hold on,to keep being “us”;let me assure you,that you are part of my cozy little inner circle,and that I plan to keep you in there forever!
Now that the sentiments have crept in,and I have already risked sounding all sloppy,let me take it a step further and give you a teensy dose of philosophy:You all must be having these goofballs in your life too!The ones who would still greet you with a swear word,even if they are no longer supposed to be the little rogues that they once were;the ones that would still try and spoil your chances when luck favors you;the ones who would still claim your food,and call dibs on the cute ones when you very clearly saw them first,even after you meet them after ages.Keep them,I tell you.Keep them close,cherish them!They are the ones you would one day compare old-people woes with!So,if you haven’t spoken in a while,because life intervened,pick up your phones,and drop in a wacky text!Re-connect,re-kindle the friendship,because life is too beautiful to let go of such awesomesauce stuff!
P.S:Thank you,for reading this all the way till the end!I keep telling myself that I would post here regularly,and keep forgetting!I’ll try doing weekly updates though.Tag your goofballs in this post to tell ’em you want ’em around,forever and always!Also,the title doesn’t really match the content,but then again,I’m not exactly writing an issue essay,so I think that that’s okay!
Have a great day!Cheers!

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