Thursday, 3 October 2013

Expressions blog title says "expressions"!!!so dear reader you sure are going to come across a whole lot of exclamation marks and smileys ...crazy,i know,but people like crazy...!(Here it comes,the fourth one;))
   Writing a blog is not a difficult job they say...yea its not if one has this awesome topic they could rant about and time on their hands to rant away as much as they want to...unlesss,they blabber XD..and i clearly am not the "focused-on-onething-&becameageek"type and hence the talks.. Psst i do have "this-awesome-topic-i-could-rant-about..."-My life <3 (couldnt help putting the heart sorry;)) .
    The blog is thus gonna be my virtual read along as i rollercoaster through life(or wade through it when it turns shitty)
   Comments are always welcome..and thanks for reading xoxoxo
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