Thursday, 22 August 2013

Entrepreneurship- the easy way

Ember is the entrepreneurship cell in our college..i.e atharva college of engineering , is my first post on this blog so it maynt be entertainin or as interesting...but thanks earthlings for bearing with me n actually reading this...i am forever grateful#goofysmiles# so..back to the topic as i said ember is the ecell from our collg n it had organized a seminar by some farrhad acidwala...offcourse in the beginning we jus went to skip physics lectures...(sittin in phy is a verry daunting task) so there we were...sittin in this huge hall not many of us bt a considerable number...and all of a sudden this cute kid comes out...we being first year students dont offcourse know the whos who of college committees thought it wud b some core person checking out the systems.'!
     Now the mic wasnt workin and people were excited to bunk classes so there was pandemonium in the hall...and this kid just clears his voice and starts talking about FAILURE!!!offcourse we werent there for the gyaan(till that point of time atleast) but come on...this one was new....people blabbber a lot about
Success and entrepreneurship and grit and spirit n capital and what not in such seminars...this was a unique start which definitely caught my attention..and after a few minutes of chit chat, the ember president walked upon the dias and introduced the kid," friends ,here is our speaker for the day,farhad sir!"
     Woahhhh....the dudes just 19 and hes an ENTREPRENUER and a succesful one at that!!!he started an aviation website at 13 ...sold it up at 15 ..and is currently running an advertising and pr company named rockstah...guys made a million in almost five years..with just 25000 as capital...hats off to you dude,...and he himself says hes not all that brilliant or just need to go out there and give the world ur best...n the world gives you back in loads and wagonsfull!!!:)
So todays post is just a round of applause to mr.farrhad acidvala for inspiring us:) #forever grateful!! And thats all for now coz evn if i managed to bunk one lecture;the next teachers here...and engineers are supposed to PAY ATTENTION with there phones shut awaY safely..even if the lectures BORING;(!!
     Signing off,from under the bench,
                           Loads of love,
Experience is what you gain when you dont get what you really wanted!!

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